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Memorial Day 2020

This Memorial Day, Monday May 25th, 2020. I'll be featuring a special video to pay tribute to the 1.3 million veterans that have died defending this country. 

1.3 million

If you’re looking for conservative podcasts you might want to check out The Christopher Scott Radio Talk Show Podcast. It is a conservative channel, and Christopher Scott is considered one of the country’s top conservative commentators.

Chris is an author, speaker and an American conservative commentator who also offers a conservative alternative. Christopher Scott is not just a conservative news host. Much of his conservative commentary is shaped by perspective of Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

Christopher Scott is the author of Common Sense in Modern English which he spent over a year translating form the original manuscript. Making him, arguably the authority on Common Sense. This common sense perspective sets his commentary apart from other far right channels. Because it’s a podcast about ideas it also sets the Christopher Show apart from other political commentators.

It’s a podcast that belongs in the top 15 conservative channels to follow. Check it out for yourself.

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