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Christopher Scott

Marine combat veteran, 4X author, speaker and host of over 1,700 podcasts and radio shows. 


Land of the FreeHome of the Brave

Who is Christopher Scott?

United States Marine​ 

Combat Veteran, 

4x Author, Speaker, 

Radio and Podcast Host

Shortly after I started this podcast 7 years ago, I made a warning. I said we better be careful or were going to wake up to a country we no longer recognize. That was 2017. If you look back at how much has changed in just 7 years it's staggering. What does that mean? It means we need to pay attention and remember history.


Me at the studio of WWDB 860 AM in Philadelphia. Enjoying the great view while we broadcast our weekly Project Chaos radio show. 

Newest Podcast...

All my life I wanted to be in talk radio. This podcast began as a little hobby in my attic. 1700 episodes later and all of the sudden there's a depth to the perspective. It provides you with a seasoned view of the news. A unique perspective, and I don't tell people how to think. I have my opinion you're welcome to yours. 

I do this podcast so that common sense and reason can have a voice. I'm a veteran and I've seen what happens when diplomacy fails. It's important we keep talking! 

Books and Audio Books

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Shortly after I started the podcast in 2017, I also started writing books. I've now written 20 books and published 4 with more to come! Each book offers something unique. 

Listen on Audible


I narrate my own audio books.

If you're new to Audible, they offer a FREE TRIAL!

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Spread the Word!


Books make great gifts and a great way to share a great message and support the show.  


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