This video, by conservative progressive podcast host Christopher Scott, is about the current political enviroment in the United States. Politically fractured, ranging from the silent majority to progressive. Build back better, Make America Great Again are paths that do not address the core problem. THe opinions in this video are from a veteran perspective which is also why it's called, Why We Fight!

Christopher Scott


Author, Speaker, Veteran, Patriot

"Evil prevails when good men do nothing."


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Term Limits and Other Radical Ideas To Restore Democracy

Recently, I interviewed Stan Casacio about term limits and other common sense ideas he has to restore integrity to our democracy. 

For over an hour, Stan Casacio, host of Don't Back Down on WWDB Philadelphia, discussed big ideas for election fairness, term limits and even a third party. Listen to the full interview with Stan Cascio HERE

Learn more about the Americans First Movement HERE.

Happy New Year: Here's a few thoughts to get you started on the path to a great year.

This video has ideas for New Year's resolutions, and ways of attaining New Year's resolutions that actually work.

Here's one of the things I was saying about the election, before the election.

Why is voting online so controversial? Could online voting work? In this video I explain some of the reasoning why online voting might be a good idea.

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Top Ranked Independent Podcast

If you’re looking for political podcasts you might want to check out The Christopher Scott Radio Talk Show Podcast. It is an independent channel, and Christopher Scott is considered one of the country’s top political commentators.

Why is it better? Because it's the most popular independent podcast. Listened to in countries around the world. Often copied, never replicated and never compromised. It's the highest level of integrity available in broadcasting. 

Chris is an author, speaker and an American political commentator who also offers an independent alternative. Christopher Scott is not just a news host. Much of his political commentary is shaped by perspective of Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

Christopher Scott is the author of Common Sense By Thomas Paine in Modern English which he spent over a year translating form the original manuscript. Making him, arguably the authority on Common Sense. This common sense perspective sets his commentary apart from other podcast channels. Because it’s a podcast about ideas it also sets the Christopher Scott Show apart from other political commentators.

It’s a podcast that belongs in the top 15 political podcast channels to follow. Check it out for yourself.

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Election 2020: Here's a great analogy.

Some people say the election was stolen. What exactly happened? This video gives one explanation. 









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