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Christopher Scott

Marine combat veteran, 4X author, speaker and host of over 1,700 podcasts and radio shows. 

The Death of Patriotism

The Decline of National Pride and Unity in Contemporary Society

I want to take you back in history for just a minute to 2010. The Indianapolis Colts would play the New Orleans Saints for the Super Bowl. Over 110 million people tuned in the most watched program EVER in the history of television. I want to draw your attention to the very beginning.

The opening ceremonies began with the military color guard marching on the field to present the flag. Once they took their post, Carrie Underwood sang the national anthem. Everyone stood and cheered. The camera panned around to various players. All of them standing and most of them with tears in their eyes. Black players, white players, it didn't matter the reaction was the same. As she finished the anthem a squadron of fighter jets flew over at low altitude and the CROWD ERUPTED. Fast forward to 2016 and suddenly we had NFL players kneeling for the national anthem. Refusing to participate in a basic show of national support for our country. I have a simple question: What changed?

You have to look at the whole NFL situation, no matter where you stand on it, no matter what your opinion, or opinions of what's going on. You have to say, this whole situation represents a new low in national pride. What does all this lead too? What's the end game or the goal? It's supposed to be football and suddenly everybody was talking about everything except football. How's that good for the NFL or anybody else? What is anyone gaining from all this? It's all completely self-destructive. It's like the NFL got hacked. Maybe the Russians are behind it. It has to be. It has to be the Russians. Who else could pull off such an evil scheme to destroy American pride.

Maybe the NFL or the players were getting paid to do this. You think I'm crazy? Look at the flow of money and who was or is controlling it. You don't think the NFL got kick backs? You bet your butt they did. The department of defense spent millions promoting the military through professional sports. It's common knowledge, check it out for yourself. They put it in a nice little package, they called it a tribute to fallen soldiers. Since when did we have to pay people to tribute fallen soldiers. Was this part of the none trillion dollars spent during President Obama's administration? Yes, it was.

Do you think the world was laughing? Do you think the world was laughing when they saw grown men holding hands down on one knee? It had to be a joke right? I don't get the point. Where was it all going? People say they have the right to peaceful protest. Protest what? I'm not getting the message. Was this the North Korea tactic? An effort to show everyone how mad thy are. Mad about what? I get it, police brutality against black men. They weren't protesting for equality. They weren't protesting for police brutality in general. They weren't arguing for equal rights. They didn't even have a clear message. If the NFL was all of the sudden so bent on equality why weren't they working to integrate women and transgender players? Where was that initiative? More importantly, what changed so much since 2010? Don’t tell me this wasn't politically motivated.

Why was it when Tim Tebow took a knew the NFL was up in arms. Like Colin Kapernick he didn't get a job either. You didn't see the ACLU organizing protests to protect his rights. You didn't see players locked in arms to support his rights. They mocked him. They attacked him. They ridiculed him. But, really that's a distraction from the real question: what does all this lead to? I'll tell you, a divided country. Can't you see that? You've got kids not standing at youth sports games. Do they even know what they're doing? Are we supposed to believe those kids are supporting a cause nobody even understands?

Look at how the NFL commissioner Roberta Godell responded. It's like he left his spine and his testicles somewhere. There gone now. Maybe his wife has them in a safe place. And, I say that not because of his position on all this but his lack of taking a stand. His job is to protect the league. Not to protect the rights of the players. His obligation is too the fans not to the political agenda of the players. Goodell should do one of 2 things; either require the players to stand or stop playing the anthem altogether. I actually heard a third option I thought was even better. Just play the anthem for the entire game, nonstop. He didn't do any of that. He played what he probably thought was the politically correct safe route and it backfired.

Look at the result. Hardly anyone was talking about police issues or protecting lives or equality or any of that. No, they were talking about patriotism and lack of respect. But none of that is the point. The agenda, the real agenda was chaos and distraction so they could blame it on Trump. They said this was Trumps fault. How was it Trumps fault? Trump doesn't have anything to do with the local police and there's absolutely nothing to indicate there is any statistical change in arrests or police shooting incidents.

If it wasn't about police brutality what was it really about? Some people started saying it was about bringing attention to a flawed system. If that's the case, if the problem is a flawed system, what do we replace it with? I've asked many people that question and never got an answer.

You can't deny there was something strange about all this. Historically the NFL has stayed firmly away from any political related message. Then all of the sudden they jumped into this with both feet. They mocked, ridiculed and banished Tim Tebow for taking a knee in prayer. Then shortly after that an entire team kneeled in England then stood for Britain's anthem. They made the Dallas Cowboys remove a little 1" round sticker off their helmets because they wanted to support the police. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones supposedly wanted his players to stand for the anthem then he came out on the field, locking arms with the players and kneeled down for the anthem. The whole thing was very bizarre.

None of this was an issue prior to 2016. What changed? President Trump got elected based on a platform of national pride that's what changed. The real answer to what all this was about lies in what happened after the NFL protests backfired. All of the sudden the term nationalism became demonized. That points to exactly what this was about. It was about creating the sense that America and pride in American is bad. Why would anyone do that? The answer is simple, globalism. The socialist liberals want one world government. Pride in American stands in the way of that agenda.

Here's the bottom line. Believe what you want about what was really going on. Take whatever side you want or take no side at all, but there will be consequences as a fall out to all this. Many young people witnessed all this. This is what some of them are learning as 'the way'. So if the founding fathers got it ALL wrong. If everything about the American way is wrong, wrong, wrong. What will it be replaced with? Nothing else really matters. None of the nonsense or protests really matters. What matters is, if the American way is no longer the way what will it be replaced with?


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