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Christopher Scott

Marine combat veteran, 4X author, speaker and host of over 1,700 podcasts and radio shows. 

America’s Next Civil War

The foundation has been laid by the same people now making predictions

Maybe you've heard about the Resist and Protest movement. I don't know if I'd actually call it a movement. They protest. Whether there's actually a movement behind it is another question. In January, 2019, millions of people, I guess it was millions of people that's what we were told held a march. Marching in what was called a Women's March. What is it? Who's behind and what's the purpose? I think there were a bunch of us scratching our heads asking what's going on.

If you go on the resist and protest website that creates more questions right away. Resist and protest what? So I went to the about page. "We’re citizens who are appalled by what’s happening to our democracy. And thanks to the new wave of activism spreading across America, we know we’re not alone. So we thought, what can we contribute? People are organizing with lightning speed, and not everyone can keep up with what they can do to help. Or where they can go to help. Our goal is to collect as many events as possible in support of defending our democracy. This includes protests, rallies, teach-ins, forums, town halls, and trainings. We also aim to act as a historical record — so many events are happening around the country, they can be hard to keep track of. And although we likely won’t capture all of them, even a small percentage is enough to remind us: we’re not alone, and we’ve got to keep it going".

Is it me or does that tell you right about exactly nothing? Resist and protest what? They're appalled by what's happening to our democracy? What about it are they appalled about? So why are so many people behind it? I can't figure it out. I guess this is supposed to be about women somehow? I wonder if the people participating understood what they were supporting. My guess is they didn't have an idea let alone bother to ask.

Here's what's particularly interesting. The event was promoted as a women's march. The timing of these marches started shortly after President Trump was inaugurated. So what was the real purpose of the marches? We may never now, but I have a guess. My guess is that these marches and others like it are organized by liberal radicals. In order to drum up support for stopping President Trump they created a woman's march. Why a women's march? During the election some audio tapes surfaced of Donald Trump making lude comments about women. Many women were offended by what they heard. So, naturally the organizers wanted to give the women offended by that behavior a platform to express their disdain for the new president. The problem is the organizers purpose had nothing to do with women's rights, respect for women or anything like that. It's another example of dishonest tactics used by radical liberals.

It's also an example of how divided the country is, and a problem that many people feel is the biggest problem we have. Some people feel it's more than just division, they're asking if we're headed toward a Civil War. I think in a lot of ways there's already a civil war going on in this country. It's not being be fought with rifles and armies but there is absolutely an ideological war going on in this country. If you look at the goals of the socialist wing of the democrat party, then if you look at their agenda, how they're trying to implement it, how there marching this country toward socialism, then consider the number of people in this country who still believe in the constitution. There's a total difference in ideology. There's still people who believe in the American values of personal liberty and freedom. Ideologically it's very black and white with not much gray. In other words the moderates are silenced and the voice of reason has been cast aside. We're left with this constant fighting instead of any focus on real solutions. I want to talk about why we have these differences.

You've got antifa fighting for socialism, we've got a corrupt media, we've got politicians that have turned our government into a national Jerry Springer show. Massive numbers of people fighting for abortion not only to keep abortion legal but to make abortion normal. You've got people that refuse the stand for the flag. People protested against tax cuts and a vile hatred toward our president that we've never seen before. All while protests have become a daily occurrence. You look at all the lunacy and you have to ask, what's goin on? It's like we’ve entered the twilight zone. Ask anybody what our biggest problem is they’ll all tell you the same thing, division. If you ask anybody what they think is the biggest problem in this country, they’ll all say the same thing, division. Division’s the problem. Nobody agrees on anything. I know you see it, the country’s as divided as ever. It’s undeniable. Everybody sees it, but nobody knows what to do about it. We're being pitted against each other and it's not good and wishful thinking isn’t gonna make it go away. I don’t think many people would disagree this country is divided. Some people say the biggest problem we face is climate change. President Obama said the biggest problem of our time is income inequality. Most people say the biggest problem we face is division. So how divided are we? There sure seems to be a lot of hate. Is it enough hate to spark a civil war in this country. It's not the first time we’ve been through this. All the way back in 1843 Abraham Lincoln was dealing with it. That was in the middle of the Civil War. President Lincoln talked about it. He said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." Well, that was a long time ago. 155 years ago. But it was also a lot worse. People were killing each other. Sometimes from the same family. But I think Lincoln’s reasoning remains the same. We can’t survive and thrive when we’re so divided. How do we solve problems when all we’re doing is fighting with each other? So, where do we go from here?

Division isn't a new phenomenon. As a matter of fact there is some good news in all this chaos. There could be a silver lining in this. The last 2 times the country was divided like this it was the beginning of massive change. Once it freed a country, the second time it freed a people. The difference this time is there’s no clear goal on either side, really.

This country's always been divided. From the very beginning. Before we were even a country we were divided. When we we're still just colonies of Britain some people wanted a free and independent country but a lot of people they wanted to stay with Britain! You might not know this but there were a lot of people that didn’t want independence. The colonists, they were very divided on the issue of independence. Pretty remarkable when you look back on it.

At the time of the revolution there something like 2 ½ million people in this country and almost half of them, more than a million they didn’t want independence! They wanted to stay with Britain. The country was completely divided even then. There was a war going on and half the people supported the other side! Imagine that, we were at war and half the people were supporting the other side. The division then was a lot worse than it is now.

But, division wasn't the problem. People were divided over principle. One wanting freedom the other wanting what they perceived as safety and security. The division wasn’t the problem it was the symptom of the problem. People wanted 2 different things. One wanted freedom, the other wanted what they perceived as safety and security.

Then less than a hundred years later we had the Civil War. We were more than divided we were at war with each other. The Civil War took over 600,000 lives. Almost as many as all the other wars COMBINED. We were a lot more divided then then we are now. We were killing each other we were so divided. But, we didn't say the Civil War was fought because we were divided. We were divided BECAUSE there was a difference in ideology. One wanted freedom, the other wanted slavery.

Now it’s been a little over a hundred and fifty years and here we are again very divided. So I don’t know maybe every few generations this is what happens. It was 85 years between the revolutionary war and the civil war and now it’s been about 150 years since the civil war. Maybe basic beliefs and principles naturally grow apart over time.

Here’s the point, we can’t continue as republican and democrat. I know this isn't going to be popular in this age of finger pointing, blaming and shaming but even though it's not popular I know I'm right. We have to come together as Americans. We have to find a common good and despite what you might believe I think most people really just want the same things. How do we get there?

Maybe instead of thinking, conservative or liberal, red or blue, maybe we should focus on doing what's right. What if we made common sense popular again? Basic thinking, logic and reason and simple math.

Everybody's talking about the left and the right. There's a third option in case you don't know. Straight ahead. And, don't be fooled by the people that say otherwise. They're doing that for their own selfish gain not the common good. There's a lot of people making a lot of money by keeping us fighting with ourselves. Like dirty divorce lawyers, as long as the fighting continues, they get paid and the rest of us suffer.

That brings up another question. What are we fighting about? The Revolutionary war was about independence, the Civil War was about ending slavery. Of course there were other issues like taxes and states rights but those were the main issues, independence and slavery. What’s this conflict about exactly? It’s a mystery.

Not exactly a mystery though. There are some signs, little skirmishes in the bigger battle. Things like free college, affordable health care, immigration, gun rights or gun control depending on who you talk to. To some degree abortion and sexuality have become issues that have been argued about.

Then there’s another issue that’s crept its way into the debate….socialism. Except it’s not being called socialism, it’s now being called democratic socialism. So, let me ask you, what’s that mean? What’s the difference between socialism and democratic socialism?

What I’m saying is that people are very divided on the issues of who pays for college and, who pays for health care. It really goes way beyond just college and health care. You’ve heard the terms wealth re-distribution and guaranteed basic income. The government doesn’t create anything so for the government to pay for these things it has to take the money from somebody else. In other words, do you get to keep the money you earn or will government take your money to give to somebody else?

Then there’s the issue of borders. Open borders specifically. If you don’t have borders how can you have a country? So the real issue being debated is one world government and whether or not we will remain a free and independent nation.

Guns are another hot button issue. Gun control, sensible gun laws, repeal the 2nd amendment. All those terms have been thrown into the debate. The real issue is who decides who gets to own guns and whether or not it’s a right of people to defend themselves or they have to rely on government as the only means of protection.

And, then when you add socialism into the mix. Call it socialism, democratic socialism it all boils down to the same thing. What were really talking about is who owns all the natural resources like oil, minerals, metals and even businesses. Some people use terms like capitalism and globalism. What we’re really talking about is are the resources and businesses privately owned or are they owned and controlled by the government?

Let me make it very simple. Do you get to keep the money you earn or does government decide who gets it? Do we have borders and a sovereign independent nation, or can people just come here and take as they please? Do you get to own guns and protect yourself or do you have to rely on government for protection. Do people own businesses, land and resources or does the government control all that too?

Here’s what’s really absurd about this way of thinking to me. Our government is bankrupt, trillions of dollars in debt. The lack of leadership from politicians has dropped into an abyss of total chaos. Just look at the last Supreme Court nomination. You have a government that is basically bankrupt and so dysfunctional it cannot perform the simple task of appointing a judge and people want to do what? Turn over control of all the money, all the security, leave the borders wide open and turn over control of all the natural resources and businesses? Excuse me, but I’d say that’s absolutely nuts. The government has been run into the ground and somehow giving that same government control of everything is going to fix that? I can’t grasp the logic of that.

Besides the fact that we have this little thing called the constitution that speaks very clearly on these things as a means to allow people the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Guaranteed by the right to own property, speak freely and protect ourselves. This has all already been decided but now some people want to challenge that.

There’s absolutely been a big cultural shift. There was a time when this country prided itself on rugged individualism. Now that’s sunk to reliance on government. Some people want to just sit back and let government provide. There’s just one problem with that logic, it’s morally wrong. Because, government doesn’t provide anything. It takes. It takes from one to give to another. And whether that’s done democratically or not is morally wrong. Maybe it’s one of the reasons the founding fathers cautioned so strongly against democracy and created a republic based on the rule of law. Principles, carved in stone and made absolute because they understood the basic difference between right and wrong.

I think a lot of people are confused on that, and the division we’re talking about really boils down to those two things. Whether or not we honor the constitution and what we believe about right and wrong. I think some people confuse compassion with what’s right. Well-meaning people that think that right means providing everything, everybody needs all the time. Compassion is sharing with a neighbor in need, but it’s wrong to take from one neighbor to give to another neighbor. It doesn’t matter how bad they need it or how many people agree it’s a good idea to take it. It’s wrong. It’s morally wrong to take. If we can’t agree on that we’ve got a bigger problem.

So you see this really has nothing to do with republican or democrat, liberal or conservative and it has everything to do with right and wrong. Who’s to say either party is right. The constitution says we the people, not we the republicans and democrats. It was during the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln talked about the same thing essentially. He called the United States a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Not a government of the parties, by the parties for the parties which is what it’s turned into.

Let me tell you a few things you probably heard before. One, freedom isn’t free. The freedoms we enjoy were fought and paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of those who came before us. Good people, not perfect people but good people that had a vision. A vision of freedom so that people could enjoy their lives peacefully. That they could keep what they earn and earn what they keep because they saw the good in that.

The second thing is this. With freedom comes responsibility. Responsibility for ourselves for one and I know that’s scary to some people. But’s there’s also a responsibility to protect freedom for those that come after us.

That brings me to another point. Evil Prevails When Good Men Do Nothing. It’s been said different ways over the years but it boils down to the same thing. Are you going to sit back and hope these things just work themselves out? Are you going to let somebody else decide the fate of the country or are you going to assert you voice?

I’ve made my choice. When I was 17 years old I joined the Marine Corps and I took an oath to defend the constitution. That oath didn’t expire and so today I continue the fight. Not with guns and artillery. Not anymore, I’m too old for that. I use the talents of my mind and my voice. My weapons today are a microphone, a podcast and books like this.

When you look at people's opinions on all the major issues there is a complete difference of opinion. Those opinions are split right down the middle. One small shift is all it takes to see a massive change in policy. Some of these policies would have a major impact on the country and our way of life.

I put the issues in 2 categories. The first is cultural issues, abortion, gun rights stuff like that The second is fiscal issues like taxes, the size of government, health care and education. Personally I wish the government would pretty much stay completely out of cultural issues and have very very limited involvement in fiscal issues.

Not everybody agrees with this. In fact a lot don't and these socialist programs are like a drug. It's like a bad drug habit you never get rid of. Look at social security. When you look at the looming social security budget problem it's massive. It's big enough to bring the whole country to its knees with just that one issue. If you want an example, look at Greece. If we see a population shift, a demographic shift which is already happening, slowly it can set in motion a massive fiscal problem. The population is getting older it puts a huge burden on the way we do social security This isn't a secret. People know this but try taking it away. Try doing away with it, people would be rioting. That's one issue. One socialist program.

And the socialist wing of the democrat party wants more! They want free health care for all, free college, free housing even guaranteed basic income. It's a complete departure from the principles this country was founded on. But even from a simple practical perspective, how does it get paid for? There's only one answer to that question. In March of 2019 the Foundation for Economic Education published an article titled, Proof That “the Rich” Aren’t Going to Fund the Tidal Wave of New Spending. The subtitle read, "The good news is that the rich will pay for everything. The bad news is that you’re rich." All these so-called free programs are going to be paid with ever increasing taxes. The consequences will be the resulting loss of freedom it creates under a massive economic burden.

The socialist radicals will stop at nothing to perpetuate this plan. It’s the reason behind the New Green Deal which is an attempt to gain control over energy resources. This is the same tactic used in Venezuela. In Venezuela it worked as long as oil prices remained high. The problem is the basic math never goes away. There can never be a successful system that allows fewer producers than those benefitting from the system.

All that still leaves the question. Are we headed for a Civil War in this country? It's already here. The question is how long does it last and what will be the outcome. The seeds were planted after the Great Depression. Democrat socialists maintained broad control for 12 years. During that time they ushered in the New Green Deal which created all the socialist programs we see in place today. Then came the Great Recession. President Obama used it as a catalyst to run massive amounts of debt creating a future economic burden. He also champions the Affordable Care Act which planted the seeds for government control of health care. Economic burden and government control are two catalysts to usher in socialism in this country. Al lit will take is another economic disaster and the conditions will be right for the people to acquiesce. They will gladly give up their freedom in order to survive.

There is absolutely an ideological war going on right now. It's not being be fought with rifles and armies but there is absolutely an ideological war going on in this country. If you look at the goals of the socialist wing of the democrat party. If you look at their agenda, how they're trying to implement it, and how there marching this country toward socialism you see it. It's being done in libraries, on college campuses, local governments, at the judicial level, and everywhere possible. Creating chaos and distraction. Shaming people, threatening people to keep them silent. All tactics of a minority interest trying to push an agenda.

If you look at that and consider the number of people in this country who still believe in the constitution, people who still believe in the American values of personal liberty and freedom, there's a total difference in ideology. It's very black and white with not much gray, and we're left with this constant fighting instead of any focus on real solutions.

I think at the end of the day the biggest risk we face is economic. Given dire circumstances, people will embrace radical ideology. If people get hungry they do strange things. Given the option of freedom or food and it's an easy decision for most people. Take away the guns, take away people's ability to protect themselves, start getting in people's heads that socialism is the answer, and boom, economic disaster. What happens next? I’d say nothing good.


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