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Christopher Scott

Marine combat veteran, 4X author, speaker and host of over 1,700 podcasts and radio shows. 

Can’t Means Won’t

You decide

Sooner or later you'll become what you believe you can do. And if you believe you can't You won't.

Like many children, When we were asked to do something We'd reply with "I can't". And, mother always said, "Can't means won't". I can laugh about it now But when I was a child I remember it would make me a bit angry because even as a child I saw the simple truth of this statement.

For many people self-limiting beliefs shape their entire lives. It comes in many forms. Self doubt, Criticism from people close to you, Making mistakes and simply being told, "you can't". Their all soul sucking enemies of progress and your success.

The person who believes they can't, won't. Until they break free of this negative and damaging mindset they never will.

Self doubt may very well be the single biggest killer of success.

In some places elephants are penned with nothing more than hanging sheets. The elephants see the barrier and don't even try to break free even though they could effortlessly walk through the sheets.

How many times do you see a new sports record and then a short time later someone else comes along and beats it. Once the illusional limit is broken suddenly others see the possibility.

Free Diving is a form of underwater diving that relies on the diver's ability to hold their breath until resurfacing.

In 2012 Herbert Nitsch set a record of 831 feet, holding his breath for over 9 minutes. On his website is he is quoted "Each time I think I've reached a limit... there is a door... it opens… and the limit is gone."

Sooner or later, This record will too be broken. Consider the average person can only hold their breath about 2 minutes and by about 3 minutes they'll be unconscious, Herbert Nitsch is a great example of what can be achieved when you believe you can.

Now it would be safe to say this gentleman possesses a special talent. Perhaps even a genetic pre-disposition that allows him to make such an extreme dive. But, he also trained for many years. Practicing and testing himself many times before he set the record.

Let's suppose you wanted to become a free diver, Could you learn to hold your breath 4, 5 or even 6 minutes? With the right knowledge and training you probably could. Within a period of time you could be twice as good as the average person without any special talents or the benefit of genetic advantages.

This holds true for just about anything you set your mind to do. The only limits are the limits you set for yourself.

Don't believe the naysayers or your own self-doubt. When you say to yourself "I will", you can. And, the possibilities are endless.

Of course there will be challenges. No one is great at everything but that doesn't mean that anyone can't be great at something.

When you believe you can You will.


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