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Christopher Scott Podcast

Christopher Scott

Here is a collection of some of my videos. My favorite is audio, but video seems to lead these days and I have my share. Let me know your thoughts. 

Happy New Year: Here's a few thoughts to get you started on the path to a great year.

This video has ideas for New Year's resolutions, and ways of attaining New Year's resolutions that actually work.

What Do Poker And Election 2020 Have In Common?

This video is a great analogy for the 2020 election.

Behind The Scenes The Making Of Podcast #894

Here's a little sneak peak into the planning of an upcoming podcast.

How Much Has Hunter Biden Cost Us?

This video talks about the cost of corruption in American politics. 

Who Do You Trust More Biden or Trump

Are Taxes Too High or Too Low?

It used to be thought taxes were too high. It was a common complaint. What is too high when it comes to taxes?

Here's What You Need To Know About Hunter Biden

If You Want To Know Why the 2nd Amendment Is So Important Watch This

Qanon, Covid and Trump

The 2nd Amendment Is Gone

Best Independent Podcast

Find out why the Christopher Scott Show is is the most widely known independent political podcast. 

The Gettysburg Address

Hope For Survival

This video provides a book review of Hope for Survival, a survival and preparedness video. It digs deep into answering why preparation is so important. 

What Is Memorial Day? What's It For, What's It Really About?

Memorial Day is about the veterans that have died serving and defending this country. It's an incredible number and a story worth hearing. 


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