What Is Memorial Day? What's It For, What's It Really About?

Memorial Day. What’s it about, what does it mean?

It’s the day we honor veterans, but not every veteran. Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for the veterans that died in service to our country. They died to defend our freedom. What does that mean exactly?

You’ve heard the saying, “Freedom isn’t free.” And it’s not. The question is what’s the cost? The answer, 1.3 million.

Bought and paid for. Thanks to the 1.3 million veterans that have given their lives protecting freedom. Service men and women, Marines, Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen, the 1.3 million warriors that have died defending this nation.

1.3 million. If those men and women stood shoulder to shoulder, they’d span from New York City all the way to Richmond Virginia.

1.3 million, that’s the population of San Diego.

Many of them are buried in Arlington National Cemetery. A cemetery that covers 624 Acres

Freedom isn’t free and that’s the cost. 1.3 million. 624 acres.

While you’re enjoying your barbecue, picnic and family time. Take a minute to salute those 1.3m veterans.

That’s what Memorial Day is about. Remembering and respecting those 1.3M.

The bigger question is why?

Why did they give their lives, what did they give it for?

You see, there’s a common bond that’s shared by every veteran, living or not. All branches, it’s the same. The oath of enlistment. A promise to uphold the constitution.

It’s a blank check made out to the American people with a simple promise to defend the freedoms defined in the constitution for an amount up to and including their life.

That’s what service to the country is about. We call it honor.

It’s not about political foreign policies, fighting foreign wars or even being the worlds protection force. It’s about something much bigger than that.

The purpose of the US military is to protect the constitution.

Now some people are saying that the constitution is no longer needed, No longer relevant. But there’s a problem with that for the 18m or so of us veterans still living in this country. And that is, our oath didn’t expire. So in a sense there’s a red line I suppose.

Veterans have lost their lives in battles around the world. Iwo Jima, Gudal Canel, Chosin Resivor, Wake Island, Saipan, Okinawa, Bella Woods. Fighting for the cause of freedom in valient fashion never seen in history. Conquering evil dictators, restoring freedom to millions and creating hope for people around the world.

Young men, since the dawn of our country that saddled up, rode off, knowing full well they might not come back, and selflessly gave everything they had for one simple purpose. It’s not just political, but spiritual.

This country has always been a beacon of freedom for people around the world. But it’s under attack. It’s always under attack in on away or another, and that’s why it’s so important to remain diligent. Not just for us but for the hope of humanity.

And here’s the bigger point I think people really ought to pay attention to now. As much as Memorial Day is a day of remembrance, it’s a warning.

What am I talking about? It’s a warning, that when freedom is under attack, and if it isn’t restored by peaceful means the likely result is the death of good men to defend it. And none of it would be necessary if more people would stand up, make their voices count, support the constitution, demand it be honored and vote accordingly.

This country wasn’t always free. It’d be a big mistake to take it for granted even now. Especially now.

It took bold men to stand up to tyranny and take up the fight for freedom. Notice a big difference in ideology in the oppressors and the warriors. One, says that people should expect more from government for themselves. It’s selfish. The other side says, they will lay down their life for your freedom. It’s completely selfless. One complete selfish, one selfless. Which one of those ideologies would you say is a better bet?

A lot of people don’t know this but the revolutionary war was as much a civil war as it was a revolution. The country was very divided. Many didn’t want freedom. It’s hard to imagine now, looking back but it’s true. Many people didn’t want to be a free country. There was bitter fighting, even brother against brother. There was blood in the streets in just about every American city. And here’s why.

Freedom is a tenacious thing. For most people, I’m convinced not all, but for most people there is a deep natural desire to live freely. Sometimes fear sets in, and people will warm to safety and security in favor of freedom but they’ll always want freedom. No matter how dangerous it is.

Then there are the few. The ones that have decided it’s their cause to fight for freedom and if necessary, defend it with their lives. And for good reason. They realize how important it is.

So, this Memorial Day,

Tip your glass to the 1.3M veterans that gave up their freedom so that you can have yours.

And remember the purpose. To protect and preserve the constitution of the United States.

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