VIDEO: Where Did the Corona Virus Come From?

There's a few theories on how the Corona virus got started. Few will deny it came form China. What is the truth about it's origins? It's important we understand where the virus came from so we can avoid this happening again. This video series explains where the Corona virus started.

The Corona Virus Started With Animal Trade In China

This video explains what the Chinese animal trade is, and how it's linked to the Corona virus.

What Do Animal Markets In China Look Like?

This undercover video shows inside a live animal market in China. It is what's called a "wet" market, or place where animals are slaughtered.

What Did China Do When It Found Out About the Corona Virus?

Lot's of people are asking, what went wrong? This video explains what happened at the beginning of the Corona virus outbreak.

If you want to see all the information I put together on the Corona Virus Click HERE.

Stay safe, smart and prepared and we'll get through this.

I'm Chris, host of the Christopher Scott Show Podcast. If you want to check out the podcast it's available on your favorite podcast player and HERE.

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