Opening Debut

Today is the opening debut of the Christopher Scott Show and we're discussing:

The secret coffee recipe that will rock your world.

The rain in Texas and some weird weird stuff going on.

Australia offers some advice to President Trump.

Football season is starting. - and, there's a big question with the NFL.

Why popcorn pops and more!

We also talk a little bit about what this show is about and how it came to be. Regular topics will include; news and current events, politics, sometimes a little bit of sports, health and fitness, self-help and self-improvement strategies all from a common sense perspective.

I share the story of how this show was inspired by old school talk radio, Earl Nightingale and even Arnold Schwarzenegger. I also talk about Irv Homer, Dr. Jim Corea, Dom Giordano, Paul Perrllo, Russ Miller, Bernie Herman. These were guys who shaped my speaking personality.

So hit the play button!

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