Tipping POINT: Is America On The Brink of Civil War?

Is a civil war coming? This video series is about Civil War 2020. Many people are asking is a civil war looming? Is a civil war coming to America in 2020? The country is firmly divided that's no secret. The question is why and what are we fighting for? But, what would a civil war be like today? What are the chances of a second american civil war 2020? If you want to know the answers to those questions check out this video series.

America On the Verge of Civil War PART 1

This is Part One of a series to answer the question, will there be another civil war in the U.S.? Is the United States headed for civil war? This video will answer the question, is a civil war looming? What are the chances of another American civil war?

What are the issues that could cause a civil war now? What is the connection between the Corona virus, police and race, and election? How these issues are connected is key to understanding what is going on right now.

Dan Bongino, who I’m a big fan of, says that, “This fight is coming to your door.” What are the chances of that happening right now? It’s an important question, is America in a civil war?

The attacks and riots in this country are getting increasingly violent. Where is this all leading us?

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America On the Verge of Civil War PART 2

The question answered in this video: What are some possible scenarios that could lead to another American civil war?

Is the country headed toward a civil war? Why would we be…

10/23/2018 Is America Sleep Walking Toward a Civil War?

I wasn’t the first one to bring it up but that’s around the time that talk started.

Here’s how I opened that podcast:

I think in a lot of ways there's already a civil war going on in this country.

It's not being be fought with rifles and armies but there is absolutely an ideological war going on in this country.

If you look at the goals of the socialist wing of the democrat party.

If you look at their agenda, how they're trying to implement it

And how there marching this country toward socialism

If you look at that and consider the number of people in this country who still believe in the constitution

Still believe in the American values of personal liberty and freedom

There's a total difference in ideology.

It's very black and white with not much gray

And, we're left with this constant fighting instead of any focus on real solutions.

I want to talk about why we have these differences.

You've got antifa fighting for socialism we've got a corrupt media we've got politicians have turned our government into a national Jerry Springer show

Massive numbers of people fighting for abortion not only to keep abortion legal but to make abortion normal you've got people that refuse the stand for the flag people are protesting against tax cuts a vile hatred toward our president that we've never seen before protests that have become a daily occurrence

You look at all the lunacy and you have to ask – is this all a big show the whole thing just staged?

Is it Like we’ve entered the twightlite zone?


Watch the video below or Listen To The Podcast HERE.

America on the Verge of Civil War PART 3

Will there be a second American civil war? If so, who would the factions be, and how might it unfold?

I asked the question are we headed for a civil war?

This is part 3 of our discussion about that question.

Are we headed for a civil war?

You tell me? Not yes or no, but rather what are the odds?

Possible, likely? Do you care?

Anger, hostility, screaming, protests, riots, burning buildings, shooting, cops being gunned down, beaten.

I saw all this coming when I started talking about it 2 years ago. I saw the anger in the eyes behind those pussy hats. The vile words they spoke about Trump, it was directed to you too.

What comes next?

What’s a tipping point?

We’re very, very close.

Watch the video below or Listen To The Podcast HERE.

On the Verge of Civil War PART 4

Could another civil war ever happen in the US?

Civil war, are we headed for another one? All the indications are there. Compromise is dead, hatred is in the air.

Governors are closing their borders to other states. Softly, Cuomo saying people from red states have to quarantine for 2 weeks before entering.

Sections of cities, no longer under the rule of law and effectively no longer under the boundaries of US government.

I’m not going to go back over everything I said in Parts 1,2,3 but I do encourage you to go back and listen if you haven’t already.

What I want to talk about today is what I think the government should be doing, what needs to be done. And what I think individuals should be doing to prepare for what’s happening.

Watch the video below or Listen To The Podcast HERE.

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