Here's How Online Voting Could Save the 2020 Election

What is online voting? Could online voting work in a pandemic? Is online voting secure? Online voting poses many questions. Of course because online voting has never been tried before. Why not, and is the time to try it now?

The 2020 election could be a tipping point for the United States. There are already questions and legal challenges. What if the results are challenged? WE already know they will be! Now, we're in a situation where Democrats are pushing mail in voting, and President Trump is refusing to fund overtime for postal workers to serve the increased demand. Another line in the sand. Great political theatre, but not good for democracy. What's the answer?

On my podcast the Christopher Scott Show, I asked listeners if they would support online voting. I said it must be a secure, 2 step authentication process with pre-screening or pre-registering required. Not a system where you just go to a website and click boxes. Maybe it would need to be tied to a tax return. After all not many fake tax returns are filed. It would have to meet strict requirements, and it would be a voting option. Not everyone would get through the registration process and not everyone would choose to vote online. Lastly, there would need to be an iron clad audit.

After I asked the question on the podcast the responses started coming in right away. I was shocked by the answers. The response was 100% affirmative for voting online. This brings up another big question, why isn't anyone else suggesting this idea? I have an answer for that too, watch the video to find out.

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