America On the Verge of Civil War: PART 1

Everyone knows the country is very divided. It has been in the past too, but things have certainly escalated to new highs. Tension between people is at an all time high. There's a great deal of mis-trust and mis-information. The combination has people asking, is the United States headed toward a civil war?

The bigger questions are why and what are we fighting for? This is Part One of a series to answer those questions.

Is the United States headed for Civil War?

What is the connection between the COVID-19, police and race issues, and the coming election? How these issues are connected is key to understanding what is going on right now.

Dan Bongino from the Dan Bongino Podcast, and creator of the Bongino Report, who I’m a big fan of, says that, “This fight is coming to your door.” What are the chances of that happening right now? It’s an important question that people might want to consider.

The ongoing attacks, riots and protest in this country are getting increasingly violent. Where is this all leading us? What is the next step? No one seems to be discussing that.

I get asked a lot what I think about racism and race issues. I've never liked talking about it because I feel a high level of responsibility to be a peacemaker in this situation. I was very nervous about speaking up about race issues. What I found was that by being open, honest, and offering solutions, I gained increased support from black podcast listeners. It was truly remarkable and something I'm very proud of.

Listen to the full podcast HERE. Or, watch the video below.

Christopher Scott is the author of Common Sense by Thomas Paine In Modern English. For more information about that book click HERE. It's by far the best way to read an understand Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

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