Rush Limbaugh, Sad News to Report

Rush Limbaugh announced on his radio show today that he has advanced lunch cancer. It’s news that’s spread quickly and caught the attention of many. Some supportive and some not. It’s an indication of how divided this country has become and how deep the vile hatred has sunk.

Rush Limbaugh has been a radio icon for over 30 years now. It wasn’t that long ago I did a podcast special celebrating 30 years of the Rush Limbaugh radio show. 30 years of radio, it’s an incredible accomplishment in itself.

Rush Limbaugh is one of the most influential conservative voices. He’s been a big supporter of President Trump and President Trump has even been a guest on the show several times. One of the most amazing guest appearances on Rush’s show was a surprise call from Trump to congratulate Rush on his 30 year anniversary.

Rush created the EIB network, the Excellence In Broadcasting network. Within in that framework he made a vast fortune. We can only hope that maybe his financial resources will allow him access to resources that maybe he can beat this horrible disease.

There are some that have been pathetically rude even at this time for Rush. Democrats that hate Rush Limbaugh for what he believes. This is the party of Hate Has No Home Here, but apparently that doesn’t apply to conservative talk show hosts.

The funny thing about that is that even in this time of compromise for Rush, he’s winning. He’s been winning for decades. That’s why they hate him, because every day, for 3 hours or more, Rush has had democrats against the ropes. He wins, he’s winning now, and their hatred proves it.

When I was in my early 20’s Rush Limbaugh was a favorite of mine. I was driving a lot then, and I’d listen to Rush for hours. That was during the Clinton presidency and Rush kept the pressure on.

Even if you disagree with Rush politically, he’s a brilliant broadcaster. Entertaining, engaging and informative. He mastered the art and science of great radio. It’s something he’ll always be remembered for.

The big question everyone is asking is what’s next? Who knows, we’ll just have to wait and see. Who could possible fill the shoes of Rush Limbaugh.

You can listen to what I had to say about Rush Limbaugh today HERE.

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