Death and Taxes is Now Death and DEBT

U.S. National debt hits a new record high. The fact that it hit a record is nothing new. That happens every day.

There was an old saying, nothing is ever certain except death and taxes. Now the only thing that’s certain is debt and death, and at least for some big corporations taxes aren't so certain.

The countries $22 trillion in debt. That’s $73 thousand for every man woman and child in the country. Where’d all the money go? Some say it doesn't matter. That money is somehow different today. If that's the case why is tracked to the penny?

Democrats blame republicans, republicans blame democrats. The reality is both parties are to blame. Every time there’s a debate about spending, it’s about how to spend more not less.

The recent spending bill is a prime example. When the government was shut down in January we were told is was a disagreement over a border wall. The reality is the government ran out of money. The government couldn’t pay its bills without more debt. That was the real reason for the shutdown.

Suddenly, a so-called compromised was reached on what was labeled a spending bill. But the bill has all kinds of conditions on immigration. None of them favorable to solving the problem. The argument we were told was over $5 billion in additional spending demanded by the president. The matter was settled for an additional $1 billion and somehow were led to believe this is saving money.

Who do you blame? It’s been a well-coordinated effort and we continue to accept it year after year. All while nobody’s asking where the money went.

State, local and federal government spending is about $7 trillion annually. That’s about $23 thousand per person per year. $23 thousand for every man woman and child in the country.

Suppose the system required everyone pay an equal share, and suppose it was all on one bill. Imagine if once a year everyone received a bill for $23 thousand dollars. Would that make people think about it differently?

All while a running tally would be included at the bottom of the bill like a mortgage statement.

It would look this:

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