HOT NEWS: Hopes, Headlines and Hoopla

1. Representative says reparations should be paid to families separated at the border. In other words she wants to take your money and give it to illegal immigrants who have violated the law.

2. Virginia Governor advocates for post birth abortions.

3. Self-driving cares are not going to be available any time soon.

4. Specialist says that 5G is deadly. Could wipe out insects, birds and cause cancer.

5. The state of Arizona is declaring porn an Public Health Crisis.

6. A recent study says Americans are bored with sex.

7. The new trend in sexual preference, is 'Digisexuality'.

8. United States on pace for another trillion dollars in debt this year.

9. School children may be getting Kevlar backpacks to protect against school shooters.

10. Indications the Convington teen is preparing to file lawsuits.

11. How rituals and habits lead to success.

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