Elizabeth Warren, 2020 Presidential Race

Elizabeth Warren launches 2020 bid in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Who is Elizabeth Warren? Where Does She Get All That Money?

Elizabeth Warren announced her 2020 election campaign for president. With her back crop the city of Lawrence, Massachusetts she started her announcement speech.

I want to tell you a story. That was the opening line from Elizabeth Warren’s announcement speech. And she told a story. Quite a story. Oh it was profound.

She talked about the old textile mills in Lawrence. She talked about how business was booming a hundred years ago. She talked about how the business owners made a ton of money and everybody else got screwed. She talked about how the women working in the mill walked out. And they formed unions and they won, won, won. Higher wages, better working conditions.

They won! It’s a fantastic story. It genuinely is. Just one problem. She wasn’t there and she had nothing to do with it. The only thing she has in common with that story is that she’s a woman.

There’re two things about Warren the historian you should know.

One she’s a liar.

Two where she gets all that money?

She said, in a Tweet over the weekend, “This campaign is fueled by small donors and people ready to roll up their sleeves and get in this fight”.

Is that really true?

We already know she’s a liar. She said she was American Indian. WHICH, was partially true. At least two one thousandths true, but apparently a little true, a little teeny, tiny true is true enough for Warren.

She had the gall to Tweet The rules in our country have been rigged for African Americans, women, LGBTQ Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, immigrants, people with disabilities. Let’s call it out.

She’s absolutely right about that statement. She said, rules in our country have been rigged FOR, rigged FOR African Americans, women, LGBTQ Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, immigrants, people with disabilities. Let’s call it out.

Rigged for minorities, she’s absolutely right about that. It’s called affirmative action and she chose, to lie about her heritage to take advantage of an unfair system.

Yes, let’s call it out. Let’s call it out for what it is. Affirmative action is racism and she’s a liar. That’s the truth.

Maybe she made a mistake in her wording on that Tweet by saying the rules have been rigged for minorities. The irony is that the statement couldn’t be more true. Probably the first time she’s told the truth! Even if by accident.

Well, we already know she’s a liar. So what right? Over two million people still follow her Twitter

She has a big following. A bunch of people showed up for her announcement speech.

And this is everything that’s wrong with this country today. No integrity.

Not only does she lie, but she goes out with a message claiming to support the very failed system she tried to cheat.

Don’t feel sorry for Elizabeth Warren. She’s worth something like ten million bucks. She’ll be ok.

Sure she has a sad story. Big deal.

The big question is, where’s she getting the money?

She Tweeted over the weekend:

Let’s be clear: I won't take a dime of PAC money in this campaign. I won't take a single check from a federal lobbyist, or billionaires who want to run a Super PAC on my behalf. And I challenge every other candidate who asks for your vote in this primary to do the same.

Is that the truth or is one, one millionth true?

Here’s what we know.

Senator Elizabeth Warren set a record. She raised more campaign money than nearly any incumbent senator in history. Supposedly she's got over twelve million dollars in cash.

Warren raked in a bunch of cash. Campaign contributions. Who's sent all this money her way?

It's hard to tell what she stands for. She has this kind of vague platform of working for hard working Americans as she puts it. Whenever I hear hard working Americans I think unions. Is labor behind her? Are they unions the one propping her up?

She's not a very experienced politician. She ran in 2012 and started her term in 2013 so she's got about 4 years senate experience. Not that I have a problem with that but I find ironic is that so many liberals bash Trump for not being an experienced statesmen. Here's Warren with no real experience and somehow she's a liberal hero.

This is a well-educated person we're talking about here. She has a pretty fascinating background. She grew up in a working class family. Her father, her daddy she likes to say, died when she was young and that kind of put her family in a financial tailspin. Her three brothers all served in the military. She started working when she was 13 and managed to go on and get her law degree. Then she started working from home while she raised her children. All good, all things to be respected.

Besides all that, her point of view reeks of sexism and racism. Don't let her fool you with her poor me story. She's an elitist. She claims to champion women's rights but that's not really her agenda. She wants to limit poor people, especially minorities from having babies. Why do you think she pushed so hard for women’s contraception? Which was really a thinly vailed call for make abortion more accessible. In other words, having tax payers pay for abortions.

And, there's another damaging effect of her rhetoric. She's making women and minorities out to be victims. Instead of empowering people, building people up she makes them victims. That holds people back. When people give up faith, when people feel powerless it's very damaging. That’s the real impact she's having on women and minorities.

You have to ask yourself, how does a lawyer and Harvard professor suddenly become the expert on social issues?

Most of the headlines have to do with whether or not she's part American Indian. There're claims she lied and used it to her advantage to use minority status for some personal gain. Was she lying, was it a mistake?

The bar certificate that was made public makes it pretty clear it was a purposeful lie. She hasn’t denied that. She only says that she didn’t benefit from it. Well she must of thought there would be some benefit. What did we learn from Hilary? Intent matters. Her intent was to defraud by lying.

But who knows and who cares? What does that have to do with anything?

There’re a few other interesting things about her and her senate service. She won the Democratic nomination in 2012 with a record of 95.77% of the votes of delegates. Just one little tid bit about that, she ran UNOPPOSSED. She was a shoe in.

The democrat party needed a candidate. They started going around and asking people to do it. The democrat party went and found someone they thought would champion their agenda. It’s not that Warren has had this fight she wanted to bring to Washington. It's bull. She's an opportunist.

She says she's made it her life's work fighting for middle class families. How is that exactly? Name one thing she's done to do ANYTHING for any class family let alone middle class. Name one accomplishment? She’s not talking about her accomplishments, because there are none.

Which brings up another point. Why would she do it? Her and her husband are worth millions and that's NOT money she made in congress. Interestingly they were both Harvard professors. Apparently working at Harvard pays pretty well.

She does have book deals. Someone should look into all these supposed book deals these congress people have. Who's providing that money? What are the terms?

Why is it any normal shlub publishes a book and their lucky to ever make a dime but somehow people in congress are raking in millions off books no one has ever heard of?

Doesn’t it seem like something’s going on there? Maybe it is legitimate, but it sure stinks like something is wrong. And she knows she’s not going to be president. What’s she hoping for? Maybe another book deal.

Here's another fascinating tid bit. Warren voted as a Republican for many years, saying, "I was a Republican because I thought that those were the people who best supported markets". According to Warren, she began to vote Democratic in 1995 because she no longer believed that to be true, but she states that she has voted for both parties because she believed that neither party should dominate. Ok that sounds reasonable but she sure doesn't sound like a moderate or independent.

She's been outspoken against the republican tax plan and HUGE critic of Trump. She says the republican tax plan is another gut punch to hard working people. How's that?

Another fact less, baseless claim. She's never offered any real reason why she believes this to be the case. She plays this game of pitting rich against poor. Creating the victim again as if she's going to run in and save the day. Don't count on it.

She said, They could have taken that $2 trillion and said, let’s forgive the outstanding student loan debt for lots of our young people. Let’s get them into this economy, working hard, starting their own businesses. That would work. How does paying off student loans get people to work?

Then she said, “Or they could have said, I know, let’s write a check for $17,000 to every single family in America making less than $200,000. And they still would have had money left over”.

What a fantastic point. And it's fantastic on two fronts. Where was this talk during the Obama years?

The debt Obama ran up over 8 years, not the amount he spent, just the debt was 8 trillion dollars or $37,000 for every man woman and child in the country. Where did that money go?

Well some of it, a lot of it went to big banks. The very institution SHE claims to be fighting. She was on the committee to review TARP and she started the I don't know some consumer rights department. Where was she talking about all this money flow then?

The republicans want to give it back to the people and NOW she's saying that's bad. Never mind the fact that while Wells Fargo was ripping off millions of its customers Warren did little but send out a few strongly worded Tweets.

So here we are she's raising a ton of money, and now she’s running for president. Who's giving her all that money?

Well this is really interesting. There's no single main source so she's not funded by some wealthy individual or some big political action committee.

But, there are a lot of schools, universities that gave her money. Schools like Stanford, MIT and Harvard.

Isn't that kind of interesting? Why would colleges be giving so much money to politics?

Here's an answer:

MIT gets a large amount of money from the Federal government in the form of tuition loans/grants and research funding. Whose interests is Harvard professor Warren really fighting for? Why is this even allowed to go on?

Don't believe this nonsense that Senator Warren is somehow championing the fight for working class families. It's bull. It's a lie of the worst kind, calling something other than what it is. Then again, she’s a master that isn’t she?

Believe what you want. Senator Warren is a phony and a liar of the worst degree. You can make up your own mind.

Christopher Scott is the author of Common Sense and Host of the Christopher Scott Show Talk Radio Podcast.

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