New Green Deal Summary

There’s a lot of talk about the New Green Deal, now made famous by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But most of what’s presented in the media lacks details.

Here’s a summary of the New Green Deal.

There are various versions of the New Green Deal that have been floated around. This one is provided by Mother Jones.

They provided the Green New Deal in Handy List Form. A Handy list guide to the New Green Deal by Mother Jones. You can see the full article HERE.

It begins with a disclaimer it says, “This is just for future reference:” It’s good they made that distinction that no one will think this is a contract, bill or law, just “reference”. Building the vision you might say.

  1. “Commit to net zero greenhouse gas emissions within ten years.”

  2. “Provide “millions” of good, high-wage jobs.” Wait, wasn’t this supposed to be plan where everyone got free basic income? This is why it’s important to verify these things.

  3. “Repair and upgrade US infrastructure.”

  4. “Provide everyone with access to clean air and clean water.” That’s good because we all know without access to air, we’ve got nothing. This really should be in the Constitution.

  5. “Repair historic oppression of indigenous peoples, communities of color, migrant communities, deindustrialized communities, depopulated rural communities, the poor, low-income workers, women, the elderly, the unhoused, people with disabilities, and youth.” What about tall people? What about sexual assault victims, and people without cars? They’ve missed a few, but the main point is that this doesn’t include straight, white men.

  6. “Protect against extreme weather events.” Yes, umbrellas. Critical for any modern society.

  7. “Eliminate pollution and greenhouse gases “as much as technologically feasible”.”

  8. “Meet 100 percent of power demand via renewable and zero-emission sources.”

  9. “Upgrade to smart grids.” No more dumb grids. We can have dumb politicians, but at least we’ll have smart grids. Why grids? It sounds racist.

  10. “Upgrade all existing buildings for maximum energy efficiency.” what about handi-cap accessibility? See they missed that. Maybe I’ll write a letter.

  11. “Invest in public transit and high-speed rail.” It really does have to be fast. Nobody wants to ride slow trains.

  12. “Mitigate the long-term health effects of pollution and climate change.” What does that mean? Free lungs?

  13. “Restore fragile ecosystems.”

  14. “Clean up hazardous waste sites.”

  15. “Provide higher education to all.” Provide or offer? See that’s an important detail. This could mean re-education camps. We have to be careful with that.

  16. “Invest in R&D of new energy technologies.” Shouldn’t this be first?

  17. “Build wealth, community ownership, and good jobs in marginalized communities.” YES! Everybody likes wealth!

  18. “Create union jobs that pay prevailing wages.” What is this jobs stuff? And, this better not mean we have to pay union dues.

  19. “Guarantee living wage to everyone.” Everyone? Who’s going to be working?

  20. “Guarantee family and medical leave, paid vacations, and retirement security to everyone.” That goes without saying. It’s fair to assume that “paid vacations” means all expense paid to a destination of your choice. One missing detail is frequency. Two vacations per year seems reasonable.

  21. “Improve union bargaining strength.” Why? If wages and benefits are guaranteed what’s the point?

  22. “Strengthen labor and workplace safety standards.” More OSHA, as long as they don’t bring ICE with them. ICE is bad. OSHA, good.

  23. “Enact trade rules that increase jobs but don’t transfer pollution overseas.”

  24. “Reform the use of eminent domain.” What do think that means? That means they’re taking property, but that’s ok some people have way too much property. It should be re-distributed.

  25. “Ensure that all business are free from unfair competition.” Of course. Competition is such a drag.

  26. “Provide all people of the United States with high-quality health care.” Like VA health care?

  27. “Provide all people of the United States with good housing.” Good housing. They probably mean gooder housing. This is good, everybody needs a little more space.

  28. “Provide all people of the United States with economic security.” Nice a saving account too. That’s a nice bonus.

  29. “Provide all people of the United States with healthy and affordable food.” We should see the menu before we commit.

  30. “Provide all people of the United States with access to nature.” Did Queen Cortex happen to write this while she was reading a cereal box?

This is really fantastic don't you think? All developed by a waitress now paving the path for a new deal. A 30 point list to change the world all developed and promoted by a waitress that up until two weeks ago, nobody even heard of.

It's spectacular. It's the new American dream. THE NEW GREEN DREAM!

Hell, since we're changing everything else maybe it's time to retire old Red White and Blue too. That old flag of ours is racist. Get rid of it.

Maybe we should have a new green flag. A big green flag to celebrate the New Green Deal. With a head shot of Queen Cortex surrounded by gold stars.

The green of course signifies our commitment to green energy. Her photo would show our appreciation for the Queen, And the gold stars our unlimited free money.

The writer from Mother Jones says:

“This is really more of a social democratic manifesto than a climate change plan.”

A “social democratic manifesto”.

It’s good he pointed that out not anyone would have noticed.

Apparently, Nancy Pelosi noticed because she excluded Cortez from the house climate change committee.

The new term is great though.

Social democratic. Not socialism, not democratic socialism.

“Social democratic”.

That sounds so much better than socialism. Socialism is so negative. People have vilified socialism so it’s better we call it something else.

“Social democratic”, sounds so new age progressive.

The Mother Jones author also wrote, “Maybe instead of Green New Deal, it should just be called “Finish Up the New Deal”?

How about we call it what it is. Ridiculous.

We need to see more details. Like actual dollar amounts and the full health care plan. So we can see exactly what we’re getting with this.

Increasing union bargaining power sounds good. Maybe we should bring in the Teamsters to negotiate the deal and see if we can get this gone.

But we need to make sure we don’t have to work. That really muddies the waters. Work is so annoying. It really ruins the dream. How are we supposed to enjoy all the benefits if were busy working?

Do people see this for what it really is? Yes, it’s obviously a plan for socialism but it’s also a vote grab. They throw in some union stuff, some poor people stuff, old people might like the health care part. The environmentalists will be all about this.

Whatever it takes.

Whatever it takes to save the planet.

Queen Cortez to the rescue.

Christopher Scott is the author of Common Sense and Host of the Christopher Scott Show Talk Radio Podcast.

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