The Glenn Cunningham Story

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The Glenn Cunningham story. Glenn Cunningham made his claim to fame setting a world record for the one-mile. In 1934, he set the world record for the mile run at 4:06.8, which stood for three years. But, that’s really only a small part of the story.

This guy started at the bottom, and made something of himself. And, over came incredible circumstances to do it. And that’s not even it. It’s how he did it. His strength of character allowed him to overcome incredible odds.

It’s a demonstration of inner strength, mental toughness, character, integrity, humility. Everything that we should desire to be. That’s why I love sharing the story.

If there’s one thing I hope you get out it, a desire to always do your best. No matter what you’re faced with. Do the best you can. You’ve heard me say it a 1,000 times. Do the best you can. It’s as much a mindset as it is practical. You have to believe you have the ability, you have to create the desire to do your best and have the discipline to do it. Every day. Glenn Cunningham is the text book story for that philosophy and what it can do for you.

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