Howard Schultz: I'll Defend American Dream, DEMS Go Nuts

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

How can a billionaire run for president without alienating his own party? How does a self-made business man run for president on a common sense platform and survive extreme political views?

Not everybody likes Howard Shultz but that’s not stopping him from creating a real buzz. Whether you’re a democrat or republican this is an interesting story. He’s made statements that liberals have gone too far left, their ideas are fantasy and the real threat ot this country is the debt. And, guess what? Liberals go nuts! They’re accusing him of being out of touch, saying he’ll only help get Trump re-elected. He’s not following the script and their letting him know about it.

The big issue in disguise in all this is very simple. What do people want from government, and what do people want this country to look like.

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