Chicago Weather Coldest Ever, Cortez Saves The Planet!

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

How’s the New Green Deal work without leaving Chicago out in the cold? Chicago’s been hit with record weather. It’s so cold train tracks are buckling, water towers bursting and natural lines running low.

Meanwhile Representative Ocasio Cortex says the world ends in 12 years unless we take the New Green Deal. That means solar panels and electric cars.

So, what happens when it’s 60 below zero? Or, it’s cloudy for a week? Her plan would mean a solar farm the size of W. Virginia and battery the size of the East coast. Sound ridiculous? There’s more.

She says this visionary plan will provide free college, free health care, free housing and even free money. Her vision of utopia is like manna from heaven. Why aren’t people jumping on it?

Read: Climate Change, Solar Panels & Socialism

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