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It’s so cold in Chicago they’ve issued a warning that all Polar Bears should be brought inside. Does that sound ridiculous? How about if I said the answer to extreme cold is solar panels? Would that be equally ridiculous?

Think about this a second, seriously. It’s been what, -60 in places up there. It’s so bad it’s straining the natural gas system. Here’s how bad it is, they actually set train tracks on fire. I’m not making this up. When temperatures are below zero, "the metal of the train tracks can contract to the point that it will pull up the bolts holding it in place," and so crews will actually burn the tracks using kerosene to warm them up. Once they've been heated, the tracks will "be re-bolted, or welding repairs can be affected on the broken tracks." It's being called the great freeze of 2019. Chill maps have been put on weather stations. Records have been broken all over the place. A water tower burst. Some people have said hell has frozen over.

So, what if I said to you that solution was solar panels? You know, because this is all caused by climate change, and the answer to that is for everybody have solar panels. And, I guess, giant, giant batteries. How do you think those batteries would do in cold weather like this? You think they’d be keeping up with all this heating need?

I’m bringing this up not because I want to horse around, but because people like Ocasio Cortex have been running around talking about the New Green Deal like its manna from heaven. Like it’s the answer to all our long-lost prayers. As if we just switch to solar panels, we can solve climate change, and we can get a bunch of free stuff, like free health care, free college, free housing, and EVEN free income! It sure sounds like a great deal, hell she’s a real visionary, or she has one hell on an imagination. Either way, I’m not making fun of her. I’ve done that before and I kind of wish I hadn’t. Then again I can’t necessarily guarantee it won’t happen again. 😊

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Ok, Chicago Cold, Cortex, Smart or Stupid? I don’t think she’s stupid. She comes up with some wacky stuff, but people say I come up with some wacky stuff! I don’t think she’s stupid.

She ran a campaign and got elected to a seat that was not only held by a longtime incumbent, but a seat that a lot of longtime democrats thought they deserved. They didn’t get it, she did. She got elected to the House of Representatives. Is she dumb, or are the people that elected her dumb? I don’t think she’s dumb. I’m not going to say she’s got a lot of wisdom. I think a lot of what spews out of her mouth is dangerous, but not she’s not dumb. Dumb like a fox maybe.

If you just take her story at face value, it’s pretty remarkable. She goes form waitress to House of Representatives. That’s pretty remarkable in its own right. She should at least get credit for that.

She’s been saying that if something isn’t done about climate change the world’s going to end in 12 years. I don’t know what that means. Maybe she means her heads going to explode in 12 years. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

SOURCE: Regeneration International

According to Ms. Cortex, “The Green New Deal we are proposing will be similar in scale to the mobilization efforts seen in World War II or the Marshall Plan… Half measures will not work… The time for slow and incremental efforts has long past.

The final months of 2018 will likely be remembered as the decisive moment when the global grassroots awakened to the life-or-death threat posed by global warming. With violent weather and climate disasters becoming the norm, and international scientists finally shedding their customary caution to report that we must drastically slash (by at least 45 percent) global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, hundreds of millions of ordinary people across the world seemed to simultaneously wake up.

Young climate activists under the banner of the Sunrise Movement in the U.S. and the Extinction Rebellion in the UK and other countries, sat in at politicians’ offices. They blocked streets and roadways. They demanded immediate and bold action.

The Green New Deal is born!

In the U.S., an insurgent slate of newly elected members of Congress, inspired by the Sunrise Movement and led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have generated headlines and popular support by calling for a Green New Deal, a 21st Century upgrade of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal carried out during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Given the severity of the climate crisis, and the deterioration of the U.S. and global status quo (economic, political, health and environment), it’s no exaggeration to state that the Green New Deal is perhaps the most significant blueprint for system change in 100 years.

The Green New Deal’s call for a mass conversion to renewable energy and zero emissions of greenhouse gases in the U.S. by 2030, is in line with what most scientists say is necessary to avoid catastrophic climate change.

But wait there’s more:

Beyond offering comprehensive energy and agricultural solutions for our climate emergency, what is truly game-changing and revolutionary about the GND is that it calls for system-wide economic regeneration as well: full employment, $15/hr. minimum wage, universal health care, free public education, and economic justice for all—policies extremely popular with the overwhelming majority of the body politic, including students, working class communities and low-income groups.

Listen to the vision:

Who wouldn’t drive a Tesla, put up solar panels, or buy an energy efficient home in a walkable neighborhood with great public transportation? Everyone wants these things. We all want to enjoy good health, breathe clean air and drink pure water. There aren’t many families who would have to be convinced to eat locally grown organic health food if it were available and they could afford it. The problem is we’ve got student debt. Our mortgages are under water. We’ve got medical bills and childcare to pay for. And many of us have been too poor to go to college, buy a house or start a family. Our country’s struggling family farmers have the same problem. Sure, they’d love to go organic and pay their workers fairly. They want to do what’s best for their families, their communities and their environment. They just have to figure out how to avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy first.

So obviously the answer is the New Green Deal right? Not hard work, not economic opportunity, not limited government. The answer my friends lies in the sun. Isn’t it beautiful how we’ve progressed? It’s just really beautiful that we’ll save the world and end economic oppression all in one swipe. And Ocasio Cortez is leading the way. I think we should make her our queen!

Meanwhile in Chicago, they can’t even run the snow plows it’s so cold. They’ve stopped mail delivery. There’s a movement to save feral cats. A body was found frozen in a garage after shoveling snow. And people up there are asking what happened to Global warming!

Here’s my question, it’s a very basic question. I’m not making fun of solar panels or green energy. In fact, I think it’s a great idea. I’m even involved in a large-scale project to convert a micro grid system to solar. My question is, has anybody really thought this through? Meaning, has anyone really thought through the idea of trying to implement a mass conversion to solar?

I have a second question. Why can’t it just mean free or cheaper electric? Why is this being tied to the grand idea of free health care, free college, free housing and full economic liberty? How about if we just start with free electric?

All that misses the main point. Do you think solar is going to work in Chicago? How about Buffalo? And, it’s not just cold in Chicago, it got down to 7 degrees in Philadelphia. Half the country is frozen. It’s not just the cold. What happens when half the countries cloudy? What’s the answer batteries? How many batteries we would need? Not to mention those numbers will go way up if we add electric car demand to the grid.

I said, I'm involved in a large-scale solar project. I took the numbers we're using. These are the latest solar panels. The best available technology. Based on the national average electric consumption, we'd need a solar farm about the size of W. Virginia to power the United States. None of that addresses the issue of peak demand that can be double average demand. It doesn't address the issue of a massive amount of storage. Just because usage is at peak demand doesn't mean output is at peak demand. In fact, it's usually the opposite. What do you do in winter when the days are shorter, and demand is higher? So, what does that say? It says, we'd need a solar farm the size of W. Virginia and a battery the size of New England.

There’s a real danger in moving forward with this without a plan. What happens when power plants start coming off line and they no longer exist? What happens when hospitals start shutting down? When food spoils, when people don’t have heat. We take electric for granted in this country. You go home you turn on the lights. That’s the way it’s been your whole life, you come to expect it, but the whole electric grid is somewhat of a fragile system. It’s big, it’s complicated and it can only handle so much. If people start messing with that without thinking it through the results could be catastrophic. Do you get the feeling that Ms. Cortez has thought all this through? Or, is it more likely she’s been fed a line of propaganda that nobody has thought through?

Why the over simplified agenda to demonize fossil fuels? The climate change movement would tell you it's because fossil fuels cause global warming. And, actually that isn't even clearly pushed. There’s a wide-open agenda ripe for any and every political purpose. One day it’s global warming, that’s what they were telling is in the 70’s and 90’s. Sprinkled in with the global warming scare or the coming ice age. Which is it? Now they just say climate change. They can’t be sure which, but their sure it’s a problem and everybody’s freaking about climate change.

Half the people think the world’s ending because of climate change, and the other half is laughing that them. You have one side the believes that it's caused by man and one side that refuses to believe that. People are divided on this and the climate change believers can be pretty aggressive about it. Saying climate change doesn't exist to a climate changer is like telling an evangelical Christian Jesus doesn’t exist.

But all that doesn't matter. It doesn’t matter if climate change is caused by man or even if we have climate change. I'm with Arnold Schwarzenegger on this and I keep it really simple. A clean world is a better world. Wouldn't it be better to focus on energy efficiency and environmental impact, regardless of the source?

I’m talking about a common sense energy approach with a simple promise of producing cleaner energy cheaper. Not a bunch of scare tactics and false promises. Wouldn’t it be wiser to focus on domestic energy production so we can have energy independence? More efficiency in all areas of production and use to cut down on demand. Cleaner methods that have the least impact on the environment. While it brings down the cost?

Christopher Scott is the author of Common Sense and Host of the Christopher Scott Show Talk Radio Podcast.

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