What President Trump Needs To Do To Get The Wall Built

WATCH THE VIDEO: President Trump Can Fix This Mess: Here's What He Needs To Do

How does President Trump build the wall without getting caught in a political trap?

All opposition is firmly focused against the president right now. Even some of his best supporters have turned on him. How can he possibly solve this problem? How do we get passed all the hatred and division and get this country back on track?

There's plenty of criticism, constant round the clock criticism of the president, but who’s proposing any solutions?

The solutions are simple, not easy but simple. It takes a well-coordinated plan.

Don't believe the rhetoric in the news, it's all nonsense.

This wasn't a government shutdown, the government ran out of money. This is a budget bill not an immigration or national security bill. The government was shut down because the debt limit wasn't increased. Why isn't that issue being addressed? Why isn’t anyone asking why the government has to keep borrowing more money, year after year, despite the economy and the fact there are no wars right now?

It doesn't matter if Trump caved, or whether Democrats are fed up with Nancy Pelosi. None of that matters.

It's all meaningless nonsense. The question is what to do next. Where do we go from here?

The issues we face today, and a quarreling, dysfunctional government have been going on so long we've come to accept it as normal. It's not normal and it's not good for this country. Every time there's an opportunity to fix these problems, instead of progress we sink to a new low. This latest record long shut down is the best example. What kind of government closes its doors due to political disputes rather than utilize the congressional process that's served us for over 200 years. The recent Supreme Court appointment of Brett Kavanagh is a shining example of how dysfunctional our government has become that it cannot even complete the simple task of appointing judges without massive discord.

This isn't an argument for a party or attacking or defending a president.

The parties will continue to be the parties and the president will continue to be the president. What's important is where we go from here.

This is a time for leadership and action.

Unrelenting action on a solid plan. I say double down and accomplish 2 things at once. Fix the budget and fix immigration right now. There’s no more time to waste. Here’s a simple plan:


The president should quietly order the U.S. Marine Corps to develop a plan to provide airport security in place of the TSA. Second, he should order the Navy and Air Force to begin planning how the military can fill in for air traffic controllers.

At the same time he sends a letter to every major airline and every airport notifying them that they need to begin plans to privatize security screening and air traffic control. These things should be done without notifying the press. The information will be leaked anyway but the mere indication preparations are being made will send a strong message that the president means business.

This isn’t too say these plans should be implemented immediately, just order plans to be made. This is critical because there's a lot of people that could care less about the budget or the wall, but they care if they can't travel. If air planes stop flying it will be disastrous for the economy, nobody want's that. There needs to be contingency plans to address the issue of uninterrupted air travel despite another government shutdown. Its likely emergency management plans are already in place to accomplish this. Either way, issue orders to prepare plans so that action can be taken if needed.


The President should issue a public statement that congress has 3 weeks to provide a bill that that balances the budget and provides a complete immigration solution.

He might suggest that congress begin round the clock negotiations and an agreed media blackout so congress can freely debate without the influence of the media.


Issue an executive order demanding that all federal agencies immediately comply with immigration laws and immediately implement policies that are compliant with federal immigration laws.

That means no more SSN numbers for illegals, no more welfare checks to illegals, and no more food stamps for illegals. Order the FBI or appropriate agency to begin scanning the data to identify all illegal immigrants receiving some kind of government benefit. Those identified should be put on a black out list and all benefits immediately suspended.

Order the Justice Department to make plans to hold accountable any government employee, director or department head who doesn't comply with the law. The county clerk in Kentucky was held accountable when she refused to issue marriage licenses for gay marriages. If she can be held accountable for breaking marriage laws, others should be held to the same standard for immigration laws.


This needs to be treated like a refugee crisis not an immigration issue. It’s senseless to allow people to cross the border, arrest and release them pending a court date.

This isn’t how refugee crises are handled.

Order more military personal to the border to construct physical barriers wherever possible. A wall is good but a barrier is better than nothing. Fencing, panels, concertina wire, whatever the military can best design with the materials they have access too should be utilized. Deploy military drones and order helicopter patrols of the border. Anyone caught crossing the border should be held in military tent camps, given cots to sleep on and MRE's to eat. If it's good enough for our military it's good enough for refugees. Deploy military doctors and set up field hospitals to address medical needs. These people are human beings and should be treated in accordance with long standing procedures for refugees. Humanely and compassionately, but not as a path to citizenship.


Make a list of states that are blatantly disregarding immigration laws and put them on notice.

Why should they benefit from federal resources when they won't comply with the law?

States like California. Give California notice that they have 10 days to repeal any laws not consistent with Federal immigration laws or, all military and federal assets will be removed from the state. That includes removing all military personal from California. If they aren't going to comply with the law they shouldn't benefit from the commerce and protection provided by military personnel. Shut down Camp Pendleton, 29 Palms and Travis Air Force Base. Re-locate all those personnel. Remove all ICE agents and the FBI from the state and allow them to enjoy the sanctuary they’ve created.

Every state should be given the same notice. California, New Jersey, New York should all be on the top of the list.


The president needs to get out of the White House and focus on rallying the people.

He should go to every city imaginable and hold rallies just like he did during the election. Explain to the people in person why this is so important. There's going to be even more political chaos than ever. There's a chance there will be troops on the border and troops in airports. This will get portrayed in the media as a radical, fascist government takeover. The president needs to explain to the people, and get the support of the people, that this isn't an attack on rights but the restoration of democracy and our sovereignty.

The American people need to understand we cannot go on like this. We cannot sustain this pattern of endless debt and endless illegal immigration, it's destroying the country.

The president wrote about all this in his book, Great Again. What he wrote is 100% correct. He said we have 10 years at best until the whole thing crumbles and this country is destroyed by economic ruin. That was 2 years ago, there's 8 years left. That's not much time. It's time to act now. If we fail to act now things may be so far gone we will never recover.

People understand basic math.

Talk about the debt and immigration in simple numbers. Talk about the debt in terms of dollars per person. It's currently seventy thousand dollars for every man, woman and child, and rising. Speaking in terms of trillions of dollars and percentage of GDP is meaningless. People understand simple numbers. Talk about immigration in specific terms the same way. People can understand this type of argument. Neither Democrats nor Republicans will be able to argue these simple truths.

This is what got him elected, bringing this country back from bankruptcy and restoring our sovereignty.

Nobody's talking about the debt, but that doesn't mean the people don't see it and the problems it's causing. You don't need to be an economist to see this cannot continue without certain economic ruin. The fundamental problem is unrestricted, undisciplined spending. It's what's providing the funding that feeds people pouring over our borders like vultures. It exposes us to this lunacy we go through every six months when another credit limit increase is needed. The core problem isn't immigration it's the free flowing money that keeps feeding this illegal scheme.

This is a national emergency.

It's not about a wall it's about our sovereignty. It's about whether or not this country will be so bankrupt in 10 years we cannot sustain basic functions like what's happened in Venezuela. All while we're being overrun by people that have no interest in making this a better place to live. They don't have a vested interest in the good of the country. They are coming here for purely selfish reasons. If their goal was truly liberty and opportunity they'd be fighting for it in their own countries. Instead they come here for the benefits, and the minute those benefits are gone they will simply leave. What future will it leave us with?

Whatever President Trump does, the Democrats and plenty of Republicans will fight him.

Hell even the Pope has criticized him. We already know he'll face opposition. They'll pull every possible trick in the book, and for people that support open borders they smile and giggle as if this is some kind of game. Everybody has some stupid opinion and not one solution. All these smart people bashing Trump, bashing Pelosi, where's their plan?

The news being reported about the shutdown and now the re-opening the government is not news, its rhetoric and propaganda for socialism and one world government.

Neither of which are the will of the people.

The simple news is that after a 35 day shutdown congress and the president have reached an agreement which will re-open the government for 3 weeks to provide time for further negotiations on border wall funding. That's it. That's the news. It's boring so nobody reports it that way. Boring doesn't catch people’s attention. Beyond the simple fact that government has re-opened, everything else that's being reported is all meaningless rhetoric, by both sides.

The opinions are far and wide.

Some say, "build the wall", some say "the president’s a racist". It's all generated by a bunch of popular idiots offering nothing meaningful to the conversation. There's headlines from all the liberal idiots "Trump Caves", "Pelosi Wins" who cares! What about America?

Then you've got Ann Culture, an early, dedicated supporter bashing President Trump. Horrible, really horrible what she's doing. Just another self-serving opportunist. Then you've got Hannity and Limbaugh out there telling people that this is all some master scheme, what's the phrase now, 4D chess? They act like its high level thinking the average idiot can't understand it. TRY US!

President Trump is a tough negotiator.

He's as tough as they come. But it's time to LEAD. It's time to do what's right for this country. If the president fails, we may never get another opportunity to fix this mess. The president needs to do what's right. Now more than ever. The time is now. Nobody ever said this was going to be easy. Nobody ever said it would be POPULAR! Doing what’s popular isn’t always the same as doing what’s right.

The media was clamoring about 800,000 workers not getting pay checks. How is this a concern for the American people? The government workers are here to serve the country, not the country serve the workers. How backwards the whole system has become.

People care about basic needs like the availability of airline travel. Not being able to travel because security or air traffic control is shut down is a real problem for many people and businesses. Solve that problem and press forward.

800,000 federal workers were impacted by the shutdown. That's more than the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy COMBINED! What do they do exactly? Airport security and air traffic control? Why is the federal government in the security and air traffic control business in the first place? The jobs aren't going away. Make it private and let the airlines and airports handle it.

What are the rest of these government workers doing?

Homeland Security? What does that even mean, what exactly do they do? We never hear about it. Besides TSA workers and air traffic controllers most people never even see any of these 800,000 workers. If its meaningful work some enterprising person will form a company and hire them. If it's not meaningful work, there's such a shortage of labor in this country we're importing illegal aliens. They'll find jobs. We need to fix this country first.

Don't be fooled by the people that are saying if the President doesn't build a wall he'll lose his base. People don't care about a wall or no wall, they want the problems fixed. The problem is we keep getting robbed. Robbed of tax dollars, robbed of jobs, robbed of our culture and robbed of the American spirit.

We're even being robbed of our democracy as more and illegal voters are being allowed to vote. The media provides non-stop coverage of Russian election interference, collusion and the Mueller investigation. Elections aren't being hacked with social media ads, but they are being heavily influenced by illegal voters and everybody knows it. If we can no longer rely on the sanctity of our elections, what's left?

Mr. President you know what to do.

You know what's right. You wrote in your book. Many people have been saying the same exact things that a lot of us have been saying. Maybe we're little people but we're not stupid and we're also not getting rich by keeping this country fighting against itself. The people that keep spewing nonsense are making a fortune keeping this country divided against itself. They have no interest in what's best for the country.

President Lincoln was so unpopular they tried to kill him.

People hated him for what he did. The country was divided then too. As a matter of fact, believe it or not the country was a hell of a lot more divided then, then we are now. We were in the middle of a civil war. People were killing each other, more people killed in the Civil War then all the other wars combined. That's how deep the hatred was. None of that stopped Lincoln from doing what was right.

General George Washington faced a similar fight.

During the Revolutionary War there was fighting in the streets. Half the people were supported Britain, doing all kinds of savage things to undermine independence. General Washington had nothing. He had a crappy army and no money. Somehow he found the courage to stay the course.

The most important part of this plan is the president's ability to keep the people in support of him. There's no one better equipped right now, to take on this challenge of rallying the people than President Trump.

It's time to run the country from Air Force One like we're at war, because this is a war.

It's an ideological war, not a civil war thank God, but if something isn't done soon we run the risk of that changing. The president needs to get out of Washington and out of the White house. It's become cesspool of negativity and he's become like a caged lion. It's time for the president to free himself and attack this full on beast mode.

Mr. President, do not waiver, do not relent.

The terms can be negotiated but the outcome is not. The time is now. If we don't fix these problems right now we might not ever get another chance. Now more than ever we need a leader who is not afraid to finally stand up and do the right thing.

Christopher Scott is the author of Common Sense and Host of the Christopher Scott Show Talk Radio Podcast.

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