Why Do We Get Fat…

Everyone thinks being over weight is the result of eating too much or not exercising enough. That seems to make sense because, everyone believes that more calories consumed than burned = weight loss. Problem is, That’s only partially true.

Take a look at something. Look at these two fish:

There both the same type of fish: Salmon, but take a look at the difference. What is you first reaction? Look at the color and texture.

One looks sick right? And, yes one has a much higher fat content.

Here’s the difference in these two fish and it has little to do with calories. The fish on the left is farm raised Salmon. It eats a poor diet, lives in a toxic environment, and get’s little physical activity.

The fish at the bottom is wild caught Salmon. It eats a nutrient rich diet, lives in an environment that is low in toxicity and get’s lot’s of physical activity.

Now, if those 3 factors affect a fish that way, what do you think they are doing to you? Take a look at this:

This is a body scan of two women. One is obviously over weight, but look at some of the other differences. Look at the woman on the left. Look up at her shoulders, can you see the misalignment? Now look down at her ankles, the one on the right is deformed. Now, look at her mid section, it looks like a toxic waist land. Now, do you think she jumps out of bed ready to take on the day? What are the chances she has, diabetes, chronic pain, depression, high blood pressure or all of the above?

Poor diet, toxicity, lack of physical movement. Those are the reasons we get fat. It messes up your metabolism, digestive system, hormone levels and cause all kinds of problems.

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