Build The Wall Or Not? Protect the Border or Open Borders?

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

Should we build a wall or not? Should we protect the border or have open borders?

A 7-year-old girl from Guatemala died of dehydration and shock after she was taken into Border Patrol custody last week for crossing from Mexico into the United States illegally with her father and a large group of migrants along a remote span of New Mexico desert. This is a very, very, sad story PERIOD.

The basic question is do we have a right to protect our border. I don't know how you can say we don't but we can agree to disagree on that. I personally don't want open borders and I don't think the people that support that have thought through the consequences of all that.

The question is who benefits from broad, open immigration and why? Here's a few:

  1. Democrats - because they seem to heavily gain from immigrant voters. Which is funny because it's exactly the ideology people are running from.

  2. How about landlords in border towns?

  3. How about certain businesses that benefit from cheap labor? Problem is it's like indentured servitude.

  4. Teachers - more students - no matter the cost to tax payers. Big union influence there.

  5. How about the prison industry? Oh yeah, they gain too. Big lobby there too.

There is a financial burden. All four states with the largest foreign-born populations, including California, have extremely high use of welfare by immigrant households. In Texas, for example, nearly 70 percent of households headed by immigrants use taxpayer-funded welfare. Meanwhile, only about 35 percent of native-born households in Texas are on welfare.

In New York and Florida, a majority of households headed by immigrants and noncitizens are on welfare. Overall, about 63 percent of immigrant households use welfare while only 35 percent of native-born households use welfare.

There's more to come. 158 million migrants want to move to the US.

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