Two Highlights from the President Bush funeral and events leading up to it.

There were 2 highlights from the President Bush funeral and events leading up to it that I think are worthy of talking about.

One, was Senator Dole getting picked up from his wheel chair to salute Bushes coffin.

I have to imagine this was a mortal moment for Dole realizing that his life is also nearing it's end.

That this is the level of respect that men show. We stand and we show respect for the things that ought to be respected. I think that's a timeless character trait and what we see going on today with people kneeling and refusing to stand is not normal and not something to be respected. I think Bob Dole illustrated that respect. He had to be helped up because he can't even stand on his own.

It would have been easy for him to sit. It was hard to stand but even in his frail condition he chose to do what was hard and what was right.

It's an act worthy of respect.

There was another interesting story that came out that didn't really get much attention. This was posted on

"Vice President Mike Pence recalled how he recently asked a last favor from an ailing George H.W. Bush in August on behalf of his son, Marine 1st Lt. Michael Pence -- never expecting that the former president would be able to comply.

The young Pence had just made his first tailhook carrier landing on the aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush, earning his wings as a Marine pilot. Could the former president please autograph a photo for his son?

Pence said Bush's staff replied that he was no longer signing autographs, so he thought that was the end of it. But within a week, a handwritten letter and a signed photo from Bush arrived.

"Congratulations on receiving your wings of gold," Bush wrote to Pence's son. "Though we have not met, I wish you many days of CAVU ahead" -- a reference to the Navy acronym meaning "Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited" that he adopted as his motto in public service."


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