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President Trump clashes with Democrats Pelosi and Schumer on live TV over border wall funding. Trump threatens to shut down the government. Is this news or reality TV?

Did you see the video of the President meeting with Pelosi and Shummer? Classic reality TV. That's exactly what that was. It's like I keep saying we've become the Jerry Springer Nation. The whole thing was drama laden and made for TV.

I'll have to admit I got sucked in. I laugh at the people that say the president looked bad in that. I thought he put the smack down on Pelosi and Shumer who couldn't even look the president in the eye. He's weak and pathetic. I'll tell you right not someone that can't look someone in the eye isn't being honest.

Then you had Pence who didn't say a word. What's up with that? Where was Pence. It was like he was in a trance. I would've like to hear what he had to say. Nothing. It was like he was part of the secret service or something.

The meeting was primarily about illegal immigration and building the border wall. But did you notice any of the subtle digs? It was all very rapid fire. It was like your Twitter feed. Lot's of little digs going back and forth but I'm guessing most people missed it. I wonder if the reporters were laughing.

In some ways I thought it was good. There was no hiding. The cards were on the table. Trump wants a wall. Pelosi and Shumer say no way. I was trying to think who and why would want to allow illegal immigration to continue? Trump has some good points right? You've got criminals, gangs, child traffickers, drugs. We don’t know. Some of it's sensationalism.

The basic question is do we have a right to protect our border. I don't know how you can say we don't but we can agree to disagree on that. I personally don't want open borders and I don't think the people that support that have thought through the consequences of all that. But I'm not getting into all that today.

My question is who benefits from broad, open immigration and why?

- Democrats - because they seem to heavily gain from immigrant voters. Which is funny because it's exactly the ideology people are running from.

- How about landlords in border towns?

- How about certain businesses that benefit from cheap labor? Problem is it's like indentured servitude.

- Teachers - more students - no matter the cost to tax payers. Big union influence there.

- How about the prison industry? Oh yeah, they gain too. Big lobby there too.

That's just a few I came up with. I'm sure there's more. But is any of that good for the country in the long term? The answer is in some ways yes some ways no. What does it do to our culture and does anyone value that? I don't know. I think people do value it.

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