Is Harrisburg's Nightmare America's Future?

This is an interesting story about local government and how politics can destroy a town or a city. We talk about national pride, nationalism, making American great again, what good is any of that if the towns are being destroyed?

The problems in Harrisburg have been blamed on too much debt. Debts largely attributed to failed projects that failed because of corruption. Debt and corruption. It will kill any city, state, country, society. It doesn't matter. Debt and corruption are killers.

Let me tell you what happens that generally destroys cities and towns like this because the story is generally the same. The noticeable thing that happens is a drop in population. This is a huge killer on a few fronts but it's not the problem it's just the most visible sign of the problem.

Population drops, revenue drops, services drop, maintenance and improvement projects stop, more cuts become necessary, essential services are cut back and the it creates a very destructive downhill spiral.

Business suffers, no jobs, crime increases, schools deteriorate and the cycle keeps repeating, down. You see it in many places, North Philly, Allentown, Harrisburg, Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, small towns outside of Philly and Pittsburgh. Scranton is another big one and a place that Trump campaigned heavily.

You end up with generations of humanity lost. Federal, state, local - the result is the same. It's very destructive to the point where generations of people become lost because there's no opportunity. When there's no jobs no opportunity people get depressed they turn to drugs they get desperate they commit crimes and we end up with sadly what amounts to massive human waste.

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