Flat Earth Theory Debunked: Ancient Observation That Proved The Earth Is Round

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Why is it necessary to have a conversation about whether or not the earth is flat? Because, there’s a growing movement of people that are convinced the earth is flat! I’m not making this up. It's called the flat earth theory. Is the flat earth theory real? It's a real theory.

Isn't that a little crazy when you think about it? Crazy that there are people questing if the world is flat. Their called flat earth societies. Hasn't it been pretty well established for a long time that the earth was round? Isn't that was Columbus was proving when he sailed West and arrived in the East? Was Neil Armstrong pulling a fast one when he sent back photos from the moon? Was it all a big lie and a big conspiracy? Could the earth really be flat?

Einstein once said that Common Sense is what tells us the earth is FLAT! Einstein! What was he trying to say? That using common sense is small thinking? I don't think so and I'll prove it. Not everything that came out of the mouth of Einstein was brilliant you know. Not everything he said was some earth shattering new discovery and one of things he was way off point on was the natural traits of human beings.

There are and have been some incredibly smart people on this planet. You've heard of the Pythagorean theory, don't you think it's amazing somebody would come up with that? No computers, calculators - how does somebody develop that? The same way somebody realized the earth was round. As a matter of fact a lot of people credit Pythagoras with proving the earth is round. Was he some kind of super natural genius or something?

It's kind of amazing what brilliant minds have been able to come up with. But, how was it proven that earth was round? Before we had all the technology that we have now?

It wasn't until 1958 that the first satellite was launched into space. It's not likely, at least there's no evidence that at any time prior to that that anyone was able to see earth from space. It was about that same time, in 1958 that the exact circumference of the earth was calculated. 24,901 miles. I'm sure you already knew that, everybody knows that right?

Over 2,000 years earlier in ancient Greece, a man arrived at nearly that exact same figure by putting a stick in the ground. That man was some name I can't pronounce, he was a Greek mathematician. He had heard that in a certain city south of Alexandria Greece, that no vertical shadows were cast at noon on the summer solstice. The sun was directly overhead. He wondered if this were also true in Alexandria.

So he put a stick in the ground and sure enough there was a shadow on the summer solstice. He figured he was North of the location there was no shadow, he measure the angle of the shadow, measure the distance between the 2 points, did some math and calculated the circumference of the earth almost exactly!

Here's a guy with a stick and a brain and not only did he have the thought, the idea that earth was probably round but he looked at the sun and the shadows and took a stick and did some math that most of us couldn't do without 20 different google searches, he didn't even have a CALCULATER and he figured out the circumference of the planet!

Now the idea of the earth being round at that time wasn't really a novel idea. As a matter of fact plenty of people understood the earth was round. People that worked on ships knew how to navigate and they understood the movement of the earth and stars and that's how they got around.

What was a big deal is that he measured it. It was a big deal for exactly that reason. He could calculate how far someone would have to travel to get around the planet and get back to where they started. They could plan a trip. They now knew how far they could go. That was a big deal for people trying to get around in wooden boats. And that piece of information would be key for all kinds of other things like mapping and marking out trade routes and all kinds of other stuff where that little piece of information would be HUGE at that time.

People were trying to figure stuff out. Not like today where all the information and more than anyone can possibly handle is all in front of us all day every day. There's no mystery anymore. There's no challenge. Maybe it's become a crutch and as a whole society maybe were losing the ability to think in complicated ways.

None of that answers the question though. What made some ancient people believe the earth was round and not flat? I wonder if it wasn't basic common sense. A simple observation. Maybe they just looked up at the sky and saw the sun is round, the moon is round. Maybe they saw that and thought the earth is probably round too!

No genius, no crazy math. Just basic common sense!

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