Health Care, Housing & Education Rights?

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How did health care, housing and education begin being called rights? They most certainly are not rights and they never can be. Do you know why? Wouldn't be great to just waive your hand and make all the problems of the world go away? Why stop at health care, housing and education? Why not food, internet, transportation? Why not make all of it rights? Wouldn't that just magically solve all the problems of the world? Why not make world peace a right too?

I'll tell you why it can't work. Because it relies on the principle of taking from others which is morally wrong whether it's done democratically or not. It violates the basic law of this land, the constitution. It's a whole different way of thinking than the freedom and rugged individualism this country was founded o and, it can never work because it relies on a lie. The lie that government provides anything when in reality since government doesn't produce anything all it can do is take.

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