The Fake Investigation of Robert Mueller

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

The mid-term elections are almost here, just a few days away. Where's Robert Mueller? Where's Rudi Guiliani? Why hasn't Trump been impeached?

If you re-call, which I know is hard the way the story keeps changing, but if you remember this all started with Russia Collusion. They used that story accuse Trump and arrest several people associated with Trump

They raided and arrested his lawyer - who knows what really happened with that story. Remember how Cohen was supposed to have all kinds of dirt on Trump, then it just disappeared. How can that be?

What happened to the Russia Collusion? At one point they were saying Trump Jr. his son was going to be charged. What happed to that?

They were stopping at nothing - this is political persecution at its finest. All started with and based on a plainly fake story that began with, maybe you don't remember but I do, the Trump Dossier

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