5 Ways Technology Is Changing The World Now

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What would you say if you walked into a house or a building under construction and you saw robots doing the work Well it could happen. Japan has tested a robot that can install drywall.

And you might be working for a robot someday. That’s not what I have in mind when I conjure up ideas of a robot world but that’s being worked on too, robot bosses. Why not if robot employees are better why not robot supervisors too.

Volvo has developed a driverless semi-truck, you should see this thing. There’s no cab. It looks like a beefed up Volvo car towing a big trailer behind it.

The Marine Corps build a 3d printed barracks. 3D printing is the technology I thought was going to cause massive change in manufacturing. Maybe it is we just don’t know about it yet. I have a friend that makes prosthetics and their using 3D printing. He says it saves a ton of time, costs less, it’s faster.

And of all places, China is developing an army of manufacturing robots, why because wages are rising in China and it’s getting harder to keep labor costs low. Wow things change fast.

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