Border Wall Being Built Number of Illegals Double

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

Congress still refuses to fund a complete border wall, but that isn’t stopping the king of construction, Donald J. Trump, from delivering the goods where it is needed most. But it’s not stopping border crossings. In fact in some ways it’s getting worse. The numbers continue to INCREASE.

I’ve argued this before, if you believe in treating people well, as I do this is not a just system for the migrants.

But all those arguments are really meaningless as far as I’m concerned.

Here’s a few things that are really going on:

  1. Democrats support illegal immigrants so they can get votes.

  2. There are some business people that support illegal immigration because it provides cheap labor.

  3. There are people supporting open borders because it’s the path to one world government – that’s a fact not a conspiracy theory.

The bottom line is that all 3 of those arguments are morally wrong for people on both sides of the border. Because:

  1. Turning a blind eye to any illegal act in order to gain votes is a threat to our democracy and it robs law abiding citizens of their fair say.

  2. Allowing certain businesses to benefit from cheap labor is inhumane and it causes economic damage to poor people who are citizens of this country because it robs them of jobs and keeps wages artificially low.

  3. Open borders and one world government robs us of our sovereignty.

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