Most Socialists Can't Even Define Their Own Ideology

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I remember when socialism was described as evil. Today there’s reportedly millions of Americans that say they support socialism. I don’t believe that, I think it’s a big myth for a couple of reasons.

  1. I don’t think most of the people that say they want socialism have a clue what it is their talking about.

  2. If they did have a clue what it is they wouldn’t be talking about it like it’s cool.

I think that there are people looking at what’s going on and their searching for answers. Searching for a better way so to speak. Why? Well because they feel let down or, their tired of seeing the same old problems go on and on so they look for a different ideology as the answer to those problems.

I guess there’s also a certain number of people that just look for a cause or a movement to get behind and maybe they’ve just got caught up in the whole thing.

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