What If Everybody Supported Trump

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

I think it’s fair to criticize the president after all he is human, but that’s not what we’re seeing going all we see is vile opposition and hatred.

I wonder a lot about that. I wonder where it’s really coming from or what’s caused it. I don’t’ know, is he really that polarizing? Some people would argue we needed it. Trump the disrupter.

Do you realize how much time, money and energy has been given to defeating him? Don’t you think it’s been a big waste? Even if you hate him. Even if you can’t stand every little thing about him, don’t you think the whole hate campaign against Trump has been a big waste?

And, that made me think of another question. What if he was supported? What if he got some cooperation? What would we have to lose?

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