The Real Impact of the Kavanaugh Debacle

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

Brett Kavanaugh, his wife and his accuser all receiving death threats over this fiasco. Do you think the people that are using this for political gain care about any of that? Whatever did or didn't happen does matter because this is all about politics. It's political sabotage.

The question is why? It’s because there is a split ideology. One side wants socialism. They call themselves democrats but their democrats. They're socialist, globalists.

They want:

- Government takeover of business, under the guise of fixing income inequality.

- They want government paid health insurance.

- They want government funded abortion.

- They want government controlled college under the guise of free college that's not free.

- They want gun confiscation.

- They want open borders which is the precursor to one world government.

- They want government controlled energy under the guise of climate change.

And, they've demonstrated they are willing to do everything and anything to get it. Let that list sink in because when you vote for one your voting for all.

So yes, the country is divided. There's a lot of people supporting this socialist, globalist movement and there's a lot of money behind it. And, right now, Brett Kavanaugh is at the center of that fight.

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