67 Million Americans Don't Speak English at Home

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We are an immigration nation, but does that mean we should give up our language and culture? According to Census data, over half of the people in America’s 5 largest cities don’t speak English at home. What does that tell you when so many people aren’t even speaking English?

Some people say it’s not enough. We need more. We need to help more people. How is it our obligation to save the world? And, if we want to help the world is the answer really just bringing everybody here?

California is now letting illegal immigrants serve on local and county boards and commission. They passed a law making it legal of illegal immigrants to serve in local government.

The measure, passed by the Senate 26-11, would let people over 18 who lack authorization to live in the country be appointed to boards and commissions. Sen. Ricardo Lara, who authored the bill, says it would overturn laws designed to exclude immigrants from civic life.

Do people understand consequences anymore? Everything has consequences. Every decision we make, every law we make has consequences. Some good some bad. It’s the same for every law and every decision.

What are the consequences of a lost culture?

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