John Kerry: The Art of the Corrupt Deal

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

John Kerry has been working behind the scenes with the Iranians. Isn't collusion? At the very least it's very unpatriotic. Who's he trying to help? Who's side is he on?

Ironically this comes out at the same time Kerry has been criticizing Trump and promoting his new book. So in other words, Kerry is doing everything he can to make himself seem more important than he is so he can peddle his crappy book.

Look at all the people that are making money off of books bashing Trump If Obama was so great and Kerry was a part of that wouldn't his book be a best seller without having to bash Trump? Why can't he make his claim to fame on his own merits?

He's already worth a few hundred million dollars. What does is say about his character that he'll sell out the country for a couple of extra bucks.

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