Marine Corps: Cheating and Shenanigans

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You might not know this I am a Marine combat veteran. Both my parents were Marines and I was born in Beaufort S.C. home of Marine Corps Recruit Training Depot Paris Island. I would return there at the age of 17 and I became a Marine before my 18th birthday. And, I know that I have a big military following on this show and you know I enjoy talking about the military news and the Marine Corps. It's something I'm proud of. I'm honored by the brotherhood. I proud of the heritage and I'm proud I did it.

But you know the Marine Corps has problems too. The difference is in how we deal with it. There were a couple of stories that broke recently one about Marine officers cheating on a land navigation test and another about a Marine Unit that got in some drunken trouble while they were deployed and the commander ended up getting relieved. That's Marine lingo for fired. Both these stories are interesting for different reasons but it's the Marine Corps response that's most telling.

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