Midterm Madness Where's the Beef?

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

You'll probably disagree but I say these midterm elections have turned into a complete JOKE. It's almost like we're going through the Trump campaign again except worse. That's all we hear, TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP

Is Trump the king? How does one man have so much impact over a country? It's crazy?

So here we are heading into the midterm elections. I would think we'd be talking about policy, progress and solving problems. Instead all we're talking about is Trump. John McCain made sure he kept Trump the center of attention even after he was DEAD! That's how vile the Trump hatred is. People are writing it in their eulogies.

Do you remember that iconic Wendy's commercial from the 80's where the little old lady asks where's the beef? I want to bring back that little old lady and put her in front of congress.​ What the heck are our politicians doing for us? Besides bashing Trump and worshiping McCain what are they doing?

I don't care if your liberal or conservative can you honestly say our government is an efficient, well run operation that cares about the interests of the people? How can you?

I'll tell you a few things I'd like to hear them talking about instead of Trump and Muhler and McCain and Russia. How about getting rid of the debt, balancing the budget or fixing immigration or fixing the heal care system or a plan to deal with the next economic downturn without running us into bankruptcy. Ok, those are tough issues maybe we should start with something a little easier. How about energy independence so we don't have to worry about gas prices going through the roof.

The politicians have just lost tough. When you look at the things the average citizen cares about and then look at what the politicians talk about its crystal clear they just don't have a clue.

Why would they? Millionaires don't care about gas prices. Millionaires aren't worried about health care costs especially when they have the congressional health care plan. And, career politicians don't really have to worry about jobs or the economy. And, it's very clear they don't really care.

We ought to be demanding fiscal responsibility and an end to corruption from BOTH parties. Are those not 2 things we can agree on?

Whatever we want to fight about, whatever we want to debate isn't an effective efficient government in everyone's best interests? Shouldn't that be the principles we stand on?

Debt and corruption are the death of civilizations. We're firmly mired down in both and everybody's talking about Trump playing golf during McCain's funeral.

I can’t believe how they turned McCains FUNERAL into a politically rally. One more distasteful low for the democrats. Oh that’s right he was supposedly a republican. I almost forgot. I just can’t believe the bitterness over Trump runs so deep Megan McCain wouldn’t even let it interfere with her mourning her fathers death. And, I’m sure John McCain had something to do with it.

I can just see John McCain sitting in his office behind his big oak desk in his giant leather chair, humbly planning out his eulogy when teary eased Meghan walks in and asks what’s wrong daddy? And John McCain says`well honey, I’ve got my eulogy pretty much done I just have to figure out how to get one last poke at Trump. And little Meghan’s eyes light up and she says don’t worry daddy I’ll do it.

And then remember in the movie Wolverine when the Russians invaded the Midwest and father was in a refugee camp and the kids show up outside the fence and they ell their father their going to fight the Russians and the father all dirty and banged up grabs the fence and screams AVENGE ME! AVENGE ME!

I’ll bet that’s what McCain did. Little Meagan says don’t Rays don’t worry daddy I’ll get that evil Mr Trump. Then John looks at her and says, AVENGE ME, AVENGE ME! That’s his legacy and the legacy of the whole American political system right now. Destroying Trump

He didn’t talk about the American people, or leaving a legacy of fiscal responsibility or fighting for what’s right or even world peace. No hating Trump that was the priority above everything else.

If I were running for office right now I'd be talking about ideas not whining about Trump or whining about the socialists. I’d be talking about fixing the debt problem, stopping corruption, improving access to health care and college. Energy independence, sensible gun laws that restore the 2nd amendment, fixing the immigration problem and election reform. Making it easier for people to vote and stopping dead people and illegal immigrants from voting.


I know fiscal responsibility isn’t very exciting to talk about. But let me ask you this how does this story end? If we keep continuing down this path of borrowing money year after year after year my entire adult life, how does that story end?

The national debt is over $70k for every man woman and child in this country. A child born tomorrow inherits $70k in debt they had nothing to do with. What do you call that? It’s slavery. It’s immoral. For the past 12 years we’ve been piling on another trillion dollars a year. So by the time a child born tomorrow turns 30 their share of the debt will be $160k. It’s been a bi-partisan achievement so we need to stop the finger pointing and do something about it.

Before president Trump became president he wrote a book called Time. To Get Tough… The very first thing he wrote about was the debt.

The very start of the book he talked about it.

Here’s what he wrote:

"I’ve written this book because the country I love is a total economic disaster right now. For starters, we are in debt $ 15 trillion and soaring. Let me help you wrap your mind around that number. If by some miracle the so-called leaders in Washington could find a way to save one billion dollars of your tax dollars every single day, it would still take thirty-eight years to pay off the debt. And that’s not even taking into account the interest."

John McCain and Obama debated the issue during the 2008 election.

Clinton was the only one who came close to doing anything about it

At the end of the day nothing has been accomplished, why?

Ask any American, I don’t care if they’re a radical socialist or Libertarian, ask any American if they think the debt is a good thing and they’ll all tell you the same thing. Not one single American, even the most simple minded non—political bumpkin or bar fly will tell you it’s bad. You could ask a 1 year old and they’d. Tell you its bad.

I really believe this issue of fiscal irresponsibility and mismanagement is the driving factor behind all the division we see going on right now.

1. People not seeing a way out, pessimistic.

2. Selfish people seeing a blank check.

What to do about it:

  • Balance the budget

  • Develop a plan to pay it down

  • Amortize the debtor a portion of it or just make a guaranteed principle payment

  • Radical approach - constitutional amendment


Tackle the debt problem that’s issue #1 but just as important is restoring integrity to our government. What am I talking about? I’m talking about a government of the people by the people. Not a government of the government by the government

  • Stop the corrupt influence of the government worker unions

  • Stop the flow of special interest money

  • Require full and proper disclosure of financial information by politicians

  • Stop allowing politicians to enrich themselves using the platform of their office


In great country and modern society people need energy. They need heat for their homes, electric to keep the lights on and gas to get to work. They shouldn’t have to worry that they’ll wake up tomorrow to find out the price has doubled. The simple solution is energy dependence and price regulation just like every other utility.

  • Energy efficiency, environmentally sensitive and energy dependence- that’s the logical common sense approach


How are people supposed to be excited about the country when their going bankrupt over health care costs and taking on massive debts to put their children through college?

  • Online college program - 2 year program

  • Basic min health care provided by tax dollars

  • Price regulation on both - you want accreditation you agree to a price structure

  • Doctors already do it when they accept insurance - use those prices


You can’t have liberty when your afraid for your children’s safety or your afraid to go to a concert. We need sensible gun laws that restore the 2nd amendment.

  • First, school safety, every other building - security and metal detectors

  • National permit, background check, safety certification and competency test

  • Unrestricted long guns on homes


We’ve got a lot of people that didn’t come here legally. Immigration is good, this country was built by immigrants but we cant have a sovereign country without borders.

  • Secure the border

  • Implement a legalization plan

  • If you come here illegally you have to pay a fine

  • Just like an unregistered car - take the same approach


We’ve got people voting that have no business in our elections. It’s an attack on the democratic process.

  • NO taxes no vote, period

  • Federal elections - ballet is your tax return

We’ve got to fundamentally re-build this country and we better get started soon because time moves quickly and if we don’t do something soon it might be too late.

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