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You probably don't care but California just eliminated bail requirements for people arrested and accused of crimes. This is a new idea and a radical change from the way things have always been done.

I don't think this law is at all what it seems. I don't think the intentions of it are all what it seems and I think it has the potential to be very dangerous.

My first question is why are the California Liberals always fighting so hard for criminals instead of working to protect the law abiding citizens? Doesn't that make you wonder?

I'll tell you why I think it's dangerous. Instead of bail amounts being set as a matter of law it gives almost complete discretion to the judges who tend to be liberal. The problem with that is two-fold. First, it gives a lot more discretion to judges to just let people walk away just like we saw in New Mexico where those terrorists were allowed to free. Second, it's ripe for abuse. Meaning the judge has the ability to keep somebody in jail who otherwise could be out on bail. So you can have situations where the judge is basically pre-determining somebody's guilt and keeping them locked up. You don't think that's ripe for abuse of all kinds? I think it's going to be a very interesting experiment and we'll see if it gets appealed to the Supreme Court and if it survives that. My guess is that it will get appealed to Supreme Court and now you see why these Supreme Court nominations are so crucial.

How did this come about? What does this bill do? Who wants to abolish money bail and why? Who’s opposed?

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