The Church Is In Bigger Trouble Than You Can Imagine

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After decades of abuse recently uncovered in Pennsylvania the Vatican issued a statement expressing shame and sorrow over abuses in the church. Why is everyone afraid to call it what it is. It was institutionalized rape of young boys probably more wide spread than we'll ever know.

How could such rampant sexual abuse be hidden for so long by so many priests?

Why hasn't there been any repentance?

Why isn't anyone calling it for what it is? Institutionalized rape of young boys by people that were supposed to be protecting them.

Look at what's going on in society - the decline of morality:

What is the difference between a sanctuary church and a sanctuary city?

Analogy of people over feeding their kids - ironic that a lot of those same people find it perfectly acceptable to expose their children to homosexuality and transgenderism

What came first the fall of the church or the fall of society?

Could this have been avoided if the church allowed priests to marry?

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