The Church Is In Bigger Trouble Than You Can Imagine

After decades of abuse recently uncovered in Pennsylvania the Vatican issued a statement expressing shame and sorrow over abuses in the church. Why is everyone afraid to call it what it is. It was institutionalized rape of young boys probably more wide spread than we'll ever know.

The founding fathers of this country believed strongly in the separation of church and state. Why? Why was this fundamental belief so important to them? Could it be that as much as they loved God they say the failure of the institution? Maybe that was part of it and they would know they were fleeing religious persecution, from the Catholic Church!

People for the most part know right from wrong. It's something that most people are born with. Maybe it takes time to mature and certainly there are values that are taught but, even in small children you can see a sense of justice. It's something that people are born with.

People for the most part know what is natural and what is not. Not everybody, but most people recognize it. Maybe the way people respond isn't always good. Maybe people aren't always sympathetic but they recognize when something is wrong. They recognize when something is out of the natural norm.

Even animals have a certain instinctual nature for this. Elephants will guard vulnerable babies and they'll even come together to mourn dead elephants. Dolphins that will protect swimmers from sharks. Look at how a god will protect i's owner.

If you look at all that it's not hard to see why people are turning away from the church after everything that has happened. They were raping young boys. These weren't isolated incidents. This was going on all over the place. There are hundreds and hundreds of these cases reported and who knows how many are unreported.

The fact that it went on is damaging enough but, the way the church has responded has made it even worse. Where is the repentance? It's at the heart of Christian ideology and the Catholic Church has shown none. In some ways they have doubled down to defend themselves.

There have been cover-ups, denial of guilt, avoidance and supported gay rights when they should have been protecting innocent children. It gets worse. Some in the church have defended this by saying it wasn't rape. They say most of the victims weren't raped because there was no penetration. They say because of that it was just inappropriate contact. How demeaning is that?

More importantly it's completely void of any apology and a church that cannot teach and demonstrate repentance is lacking in the most basic Christian values. I'm not saying that somebody who does something wrong is bad. And I'm not saying that everybody who does something that isn't perceived as normal is a bad person.

But, there's always consequences. And, when society begins to accept and defend things that are wrong or things that aren't natural there are consequences to that. If the church cannot demonstrate these basic moral laws who will?

By Christopher Scott, Copyright 2018

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