Transgender Girl Bullied, Forced To Leave Town

Besides the cruelty this article really speaks to how people feel about this issue. As easy as it is to focus on the bullying and cruelty this young person endured, there's another issue. How are people supposed to deal with this as an acceptable way of life? Besides the bathroom issues, people develop feelings. What happens when an otherwise, sexually typical person develops an attraction to a transgender person? Young people are especially vulnerable to lust fueled feelings. What happens in those situations and what are the long term consequences.

After violent threats, family of transgender girl looks to leave town

Donors have raised nearly $25,000 for the family of a 12-year-old transgender girl to move out of rural Oklahoma.


After years of letting Maddie live as a girl at home, Rose decided to let her do so at school as well.

On her first day of fourth grade in Sherman, Texas, near the Oklahoma border, Maddie went to school with girls’ clothes, long hair and nail polish. Even though the public school was informed that Maddie was transitioning, Rose said they would not allow her to present as a girl. She said Maddie was taken to the nurse’s office to have her nail polish removed and was not allowed to use the girl’s bathroom.

Her fellow students, who knew she had once presented as a boy, bullied her relentlessly, according to Rose. And as she got older, the students got crueler.

“She was assaulted in the bathroom, they pushed her on the ground and they kicked her, and they pulled her hair,” Rose said. “The bullying got so bad that her and her older brother, who went to the same school, were taunted to commit suicide,” Rose added. “That's when Charlie, her old brother, was hit in the face.”

Rose said her family got in contact with the ACLU of Texas for help. “We didn't know who else to reach out to, and we didn't have money for lawyers.” After the ACLU got involved and penned a letter to the school, the school “backed off a bit” and let Maddie use the staff bathroom instead of forcing her to use the boys’ facilities.

In 2016, the Rose family tried to move to Houston, where they have family, but “financially it ended up being a big mess,” Rose said, so they moved back to Sherman. Then in March 2017, the family moved Achille, Oklahoma, about 30 minutes north of Sherman, so Maddie could have a fresh start where no one knew she was transgender.

The fresh start, however, spoiled quickly. Students found out Maddie was trans and accused her of peeking at other students under bathroom stalls, an accusation that she denies. She was then asked to use the staff bathrooms, which she said she doesn’t mind, because they’re “bigger” and “smell better.”

“My personal opinion is that she should be allowed to use the girl’s bathroom, 'cause she's a girl, but I've never fought the school district over it,” Rose said. “I'm not the one going to school there, and so since Maddie likes using the staff bathroom, I'm not going to fight it.

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