What does the Combat Action Ribbon represent?

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What is the meaning of the combat action ribbon?

It's a coveted badge of honor, an award only worn by the Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard if the Coast Guard is attached to the Navy and meets the criteria.

It's a bold red, blue and gold ribbon with wide stripes. Those of us who know what it is never miss it. Most of it know it as CAR for short.

To be awarded a CAR there's a simple eligibility requirement. Satisfactory performance under enemy fire, direct exposure to an IED and in certain special operations. Basically if you got shot at you get a CAR. You could get a purple heart for being wounded in service and still not get a CAR. It's not for people that accidently get shot or bombed but for people that served in active combat.

There's only 19 conflicts that recognized conflicts eligible for a combat action ribbon. That doesn't mean it isn't awarded outside those conflicts because it is. But, there's only 19 recognized conflicts.

That's what it is but it doesn't answer the question of what does it mean, what does it represent?

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