Dem says, "I hate this country"

Maybe the democrats need a screening process or something. The part is getting destroyed. This guy is a fellow veteran no less. It's embarrassing all around.

'I hate this county. I prayed to God that he would curse it':

The Democratic congressional candidate who was found guilty this week of DUI challenged the officers who stopped him to a fight, demanded samples of his blood be sent to the headquarters of the CIA and told officers he prayed that God would curse Whitfield County, dash cam footage of his arrest shows.

In nearly two hours of video and related audio recordings documenting Steven Lamar Foster’s arrest, the trip to Hamilton Medical Center for blood tests and his booking into the Whitfield County jail, Foster at times speaks to the officers in Spanish, blames Gulf War Syndrome on the use of uranium in weapons in the First Gulf War and tells the story of putting a Central American man’s head on a spike.

Foster, of Dalton, is running against Republican incumbent Tom Graves of Ranger for the 14th Congressional District seat. Foster was arrested for DUI, a misdemeanor, by the Dalton Police Department on Sept. 23, 2017. He was found guilty by a jury on Monday after 15 minutes of deliberation and is in the Whitfield County jail. Sentencing before Judge Cindy Morris is set for Tuesday.

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