The Rise of Socialism and the Fall of The Church

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Why is socialism becoming so popular in this country and does it have anything to do with the decline of the church? Acceptance of socialist ideas is up, way up. Church attendance has been declining year over year for decades now. Is there any correlation between the two?

We already have socialism here. Social security, medicare, Obama care all socialist programs that gobble up a huge part of our tax budget. There's been an increase in openly socialist candidates, they have a bigger platform than ever and of course they're suggesting more socialist programs.

At the same time the church is in decline. What we've seen since the 1950's has been the biggest decline in church attendance in the history of the country. It's been during that same period that socialism has continued to rise at a corresponding rate. Over the past 60 years church attendance has dropped to less than 20% of the population. How are the two tied together?

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