FB Drops Record $119 Billion

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Facebook stock just took a massive nose dive. Remember when Zook went to congress? He was a big celebrity. Well, the stock just took a hit to the tune of $119 Billion. It's a record loss. Does anybody care? Is this the beginning of the end for the Face crooks?

Why would Facebook be worth so much in the first place? Who would have ever put a value of over $700 billion on Facebook? It's those same people that are blaming data breaches and privacy breaches, it was never worth that much.

What has Social media done for us? They've made a giant mess. Election interference, emotional disturbance, fake news, that's been the result of social media. You never heard of Fake news until FB and Google implemented algorithms. You never heard of fake news until Google and Facebook started manipulating data.

They bring these guys into congress and clueless politicians ask the stupidest questions and nobody asked about the data manipulation. All they asked about was privacy. How can anyone expect privacy on the internet? Of course it's not private and it never will be.

Nobody asked about the data manipulation. The problem is that people learned how to manipulate the manipulation. The more people search, click, view, comment, share whatever, the more they feed it out It doesn't mean people like it or just because some people like it that other people will like it. There's a lot of people that like chocolate but if somebody prefers vanilla you can show them as much chocolate as you want and it doesn't mean everybody likes it.

That's exactly how fake news is spread.

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