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Amazon Just Keeps Getting Bigger

July 30, 2018


Amazon's run up has largely been during a time it could absorb operating loses to acquire market share and while gas prices have been cheep allowing them to offer free shipping. What happens when gas prices go up? Will that low cost home delivery still be cheap? If not, will any retailers be left to serve demand?


Amazon sales grew by $15 billion year over year — and its peers don't even come close to that level of growth

  • Amazon reported sales of $52.9 billion for the second quarter, up 39 percent from the year-ago period when it saw $38 billion.

  • For the April quarter, retail rival Walmart grew sales by $5 billion year over year and brick-and-mortar retailer Target increased sales by just $764 million.

  • Tech competitors get closer to Amazon's staggering pace.










The numbers trounce Amazon's industry competitors in retail:

  • Retail rival Walmart grew sales by $5 billion year over year in the April quarter, the most recent quarter for which data is available. That's a growth rate of 4.4 percent year-over-year.

  • Brick-and-mortar retailer Target increased sales by just $764 millionfor the April quarter. The company's total sales for the period rang in at 16.8 billion — just above Amazon's net new sales.

Tech competitors get closer to Amazon's staggering pace:

  • Apple, Amazon's main competition in the race to a $1 trillion market value, grew revenue by 16.6 percent, or $8.7 billion, in the March quarter. The iPhone maker reports quarterly earnings next week.

  • Cloud rivals Google and Microsoft each posted just under $7 billionof net new sales for the June quarter.











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