10 Historical Backfires That Made Problems Worse

When government gets involved things don't always work out as planned.

10 Catastrophic Solutions That Backfired Spectacularly and Made the Problem Worse

Good intentions often go awry, and that is why the road to hell is said to be paved with them. An illustration of that can be found in well meant solutions to problems that not only fail to solve them, but end up making the problem worse than if the solution had never been tried. There are even specific terms for the categories of fixes that end up worsening a problem, such as the “Streisand Effect”, whereby the attempt to hide or censor negative information simply draws more attention to it. Or “blowback”, which refers to the unintended consequences suffered by a country when a covert operation goes sideways.

Here's a few:

1. When the government of India began paying for Cobra skins as way to eradicate Cobra's the population actually increased when people started farming them.

2. When Vietnam tarted paying for rat tales to eradicate rats people started cutting off the tales and letting the rats go so they would reproduce. The result was an increase in the rat population.

3. Blowing up a beached whale so it would be disposed of faster backfired and spread rotting whale over half a mile away.

4. Canada's hospital subsidy program led to more children getting falsely diagnosed.

5. Prohibition led to an increase in organized crime.

6. When Britain set up a puppet government in Afghanistan it led to the rise of Afghan tribes.

7. Due to mob crackdowns the mafia tampered with juries leading to mass acquittals.

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