Alligator in Pennsylvania

It's bad enough to have an alligator in your yard but it's not something that usually happens in Pennsylvania. It happened recently in a town not far from Philadelphia International Airport.

A woman saw what she thought was a turtle while she was feeding her bees. It's believed someone had it as a pet and it either escaped or they abandoned it.

Alligators can grow to thirteen feet and weigh up to 800 pounds. Not a welcome back yard guest. Luckily the gator was found and rescued because it would have died in the Pennsylvania winter.

Pennsylvania woman stunned to find alligator in her backyard

A Pennsylvania woman was in her backyard watching a turtle when she was shocked to see a different, far bigger reptile just a few feet away.

“You’re an awfully big turtle,” was Tracie Hoffecker's initial reaction upon seeing an alligator creeping around her backyard, she told FOX29 Philadelphia.

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