Dem Blasts Own Party: Too Radical

It's no secret the democrat party has moved firmly left. All the party's big ideas are firmly socialist and capitalism is evil. Not to mention the people they've alienated. Last year the party sent out an email advertising a work from home IT position. The memo said, "straight white males need not apply."

Sen Chris Coons (D) DE slammed his party for their mad dash to the left. He should have seen that coming the moment the DNC put Tom Perez and Keith Ellison in charge. If you put radicals in the lead positions, the entire party is going to be full of radical extremists. Sen Coons pointed out the Abolish ICE movement and the offshoots from that and says they need to be the party of ideas and not of grievances.

You can not be against everything and for nothing. Well, maybe not nothing but the ideas they do have are unworkable, Coon says, such as free healthcare, guaranteeing jobs through the government and the wholesale attack on energy companies. A large segment of the Democratic party will not go for radical ideas such as these.

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